7 Tested Ways That Help You Get Relief From Period Cramps!

So it is that time of the month again – pain, cramping and the discomfort, you’re on your periods again! And the worst of all, this happens every month (it should happen too!). The pain at times can be intolerable, while painkillers might provide you with instant relief; it is not always good to rely on them completely.

So what is the solution to get relief from period cramps?

1. Grab a glass of milk

1 period cramps

Milk contains calcium which is anyway good for curing period cramps. If milk is not your cup of tea, chew calcium chewables to do some good for your cramps.

2. Papaya to the rescue

2 period cramps

This might come as a surprise for some, but ‘papain’ enzyme present in papaya is good in regulating the menstrual flow, and can do wonders to your pain.

3. Feel better with carrot juice

3 period cramps

Undoubtedly carrots are good for eyes, but a glass of carrot juice can also help you feel much better during your periods.

4. Essential oils

4 period cramps

Yes, lavender oil is one essential oil, which when applied on your stomach can help you by relieving the period cramps within a few minutes.

5. Hot water bottle

5 period cramps

Simply boil the water and fill it in a plastic bottle. Keep it over your stomach, and believe us, you would feel better,

6. Lay in fetal position

It might sound funny for some, but believe me, speaking from personal experience, it works. Just lay yourself the same way as a small baby lies with his legs up towards his stomach. While this might not work if practiced alone, take a hot water bottle or pop a painkiller, it works. Better, if you can accommodate a small cushion between your stomach and legs.

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7. Pop a safe pain killer

If nothing seems to be working out, pop in a safe painkiller like ibuprofen. Make sure you are not overdoing this. If homeopathy medicines suit you, go for Magnesium Phos.

Periods are not the end of this world. There are solutions to deal with it, and you can always feel better – just figure out the ways which work for you. Take heart and stay strong.

No more PMSing!

Picture Credits: Pixabay.com