Planning To Get Inked? Here Is Everything That You Need To Know Before Getting Your First Tattoo

Getting your first tattoo is the most terrific and exciting feeling ever. With a million questions, things cannot be more curious. And the most obvious one, will it hurt?  Apparently, yes it will!

Yes, we understand the curiosity that you have got. And so, here you go!

  1. Can the whole process be infectious?


1 getting first tattooWell, yes it can be infectious if your artist doesn’t unseal a brand new needle package in front of your eyes, and uses a new disposable ink cup and wears gloves throughout the process. Reusing same needles can be as dangerous as getting HV or Hepatitis B – so make sure that your artist uses a new disposable needle.

And so the hygiene should not be limited just to the equipment that they use, but the shop in which you are getting inked should be equally shining too. Or else, you are just making a room for infection in your open wound.

Further, make sure that the tattoo station is fully sterilizable. Materials like wood, or marbles should be avoided as they cannot be sterilized. Stainless steel is just perfect!

  1. How much time does it take to get tattooed?

Smaller designs can be just a matter of 5 minutes, but larger designs can take multiple sittings to finish. An entire sleeve with a lot of colors can even take months to complete.

  1. What are the best spots to get tattoos?

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You can get any part of your body tattooed. In terms of pain, get ready to face extreme pain if you are planning to be inked on the butt, ribs, and feet. Tattoo on your feet and hands will fade quickly. This is because skin regenerates itself quickly on hands and feet. Also, your tattoo will fade quickly if it is often in direct sunlight.

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  1. Are touch-ups required?

With time, tattoos tend to fade away and touch-ups are required, colors are to be refilled. Talk with your artist about his touch-up policy. Some artists are happy to provide touch-ups for free for lifetime!

  1. Can I remove the tattoo some 5 years down the line?

Yes, in any event, if you don’t like your tattoo anymore, you can simply get it covered up.  A smaller tattoo can be covered up much easily. However, big designs can also be dissolved quite smartly through a new design.

You can further get your tattoo removed completely through laser treatment. Just like getting inked, removal also can take various sessions based on how big the design is and what colors are used. Colors like green, blue and black are much easier to remove than lighter colors like white and yellow.

  1. What should I eat and drink before and after the tattoo appointment?

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Needless to say, expect a bit of unwanted bleeding when you decide to get inked. But to avoid excessive bleeding, maintain a safe distance with coffee, alcohol and aspiring some 28-48 hours before your tattoo. This is because all these are common blood thinners and would result in unwanted bleeding.

Instead, consume vitamin C for quick recovery.

Once you’re done with your tattoo, increase your onion and garlic consumption as they have anti-microbial properties and would result in quick healing. Stay away from sugars, dairy products, and processed foods as they interfere with the body’s natural healing process.

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  1. What the post-care after getting inked is like?

No beach vacations for a few weeks! Yes, that quote which you just got engraved would look better in a swimsuit, but a big NO! Pool chemicals, ocean bacteria won’t do any good to your tattoo. Further, direct sunlight would serve to be an icing on the cake. Keep your tattoos covered for a few days to avoid any unwanted scrubbing and scratching. Rub your tattoo with a special ointment which in most cases is provided by the artists. Never ever scratch, no matter how much it itches.

And that’s it. Undoubtedly, it takes a lot of care especially when you are getting your first tattoo, but at the end, it is all worth it! Do you have more questions? Write to us in comments!

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