Girls Sleepover: What Do Girls Actually Do?

Girls Sleepover is a mystery to many, especially for the guys, and for some girls who have never been for one. No. it is not exactly as what you may think of it. Also, it is not that fancy where ‘Poo’ dances in her room and gets ready for it.

It is nowhere near to the girls you see in Tareefan video but it is all loads and loads of fun. If you want to know what exactly, a girl’s sleepover with her besties looks like, we’ve got you covered.

  1. Food before dudes, you see?

girls sleepover


I hope you understand what I mean by this! Yes, there is lots and lots of food (read: great food) for our sleepovers. There is no count on the calorie intake and no carbs check as well. Pastries, fries, pizzas, maggi, drinks and what not! It is a hell of a night where we eat a lot. Yes, there are no boys. And that is why I meant food before dude. Gotcha?

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  1. No fancy lights and pyjamas

Yes, not those fancy Pyjamas or the Unicorn Onesies are our #OOTD. Also, we do not have those fancy lighting setup which makes the whole atmosphere even more promising and Bollywood like. But we wear those cute PJs and click loads of selfies for Insta Story and Snapchat.

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  1. Games and movies

girls sleepover


Yes, we do watch a lot of movies and series all night while binge eating. We may dance to our favorite music but it is simple grooving but not what something you would expect in a Chick Flick. And games are our bae. Some shots with the game never hurt.

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  1. Selfies, please!

Do we need to tell you about this? We click loads and loads of pictures. There are pictures of the scene in the room like the game scene, movie scene, food scene and whatever is happening. Who doesn’t love capturing their precious moments, right?

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  1. Gossips and lots of gossips

girls sleepover


We do a lot of gossips. You call it bitching? Okay, yes we do a lot of bitching and we are actually not that proud but guilty. But, you know what? Who cares? We enjoy it and it is fine. Drunk dialing the ex-scenes also happen but let us not talk about something dirty.

So, why not plan a girls sleepover tonight?

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