5 Girls You Need To Start Talking With Today

We all meet with a range of girls during our college days. Some turn out to be great friends while some remain etched in our memories forever. If you are extrovert in nature and love making new friends, this is the right time that you attract a few reuniting opportunities and reconnect with your friends you have not bothered to say ‘hi’ to for long!

  1. The one you met on your orientation day

girl to talk


You really liked her company on orientation day. Among all the new faces, she was the one you felt comfortable with. And since then, you have not bothered to wave a ‘hi’ to her! It is the time to reconnect now. Next time you spot her in the canteen, don’t forget to offer her a cup of coffee, you may never know if it clicks and you find a really good friend in her.

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  1. That girl from your floor

girl to talk


So you both shared the same floor in your dorm and have lived various happy and sad moments together. From planning birthday surprises for your respective roommates together to accompanying each other when alone, you know each other well. But now that you have moved to different floors, you hardly get time to talk with her. Get back to her today, give her a random call and see where the reminiscing leads.

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  1. Your dear lab partner

She has marked your presence every time you have bunked classes. She has done experiments with you while you were busy on your phone or chatting around. But now that you are in next semester, you girls have broken up. Why? It is the time to reunite the bonds and plan a quick hang out. What say?

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  1. The girl you see everywhere

girl to talk


Okay, so she was sitting next to you in your bus to college. You found her sitting near you in the seminar and she is always ahead of you in the queue in the canteen. Basically, you have spotted her a lot now, and you know you have got similar interests. Why not start a conversation with her today? Ask a mutual friend or approach her directly – ‘I feel like I spot you 3-4 times every day’, and see how it goes!

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  1. The girl you often spot in washroom

girl to talk


So you are in the washroom to make your hair, and she is already there. You are there for a quick chit chat on the phone, and you again spot her there. You have exchanged glances a lot many times but have never bothered to talk. Next time you see her, make it a point to initiate a conversation. Networking helps and you never know if she turns out to be your BFF!

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