A Guide On How Often Should You Change Your Bra

Finding the right bra is even a tougher task than finding the right pair of denim. And it takes a lot of time to find that correct pair. But does that mean that perfect bra is for a lifetime? No, darling! Nothing in the world is permanent and neither is your bra. No matter how much you love your bra, you should change it if you find these things happening to it or happening to you because of it. Here is a guide on how often should you change your bra.

P.S – Are you ready for some bra revelations?

  1. When you have to fix your bra on the first hook

how often should you change your bra


We all tend to buy our bra by checking how comfortably it fits to the last hook, right? Ideally, your bra should fit comfortably on the last hook.

If, with time, you are fixing your bra at the first hook, then be prepared – you need to change your bra soon!

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  1. When the padding and the lining becomes visible from your clothes

The bra has to be seamless. The padding and the cups have to be super seamless so that its shape does not reflect from the clothes. It is a wardrobe malfunction in reality. So, if these kinds of things happen to you too then you must change your bra, right now.

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  1. When it is loose and unsupportive

One of the major reasons to change the bra is when it becomes slack and unsupportive. What is the use of bra when it is loose?  After all the ultimate and the supreme work of the bra is to provide support. So, girlies, if your bra is loose, it is time to go on a lingerie shopping.

  1. When it is past its expiry date

Have you been in a six month long relationship with your bra? Well, it is the time to ditch it!

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  1. When it becomes a misfit

how often should you change your bra


A bra is always about the right fit. Thus, if you gain fat and it starts feeling too tight, or if your bra has become loose over the time, know that it is the right time to change it!

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