Hanacure: The Creepy Korean Facial Taking Over The Beauty World

Hanacure: The Creepy Korean Facial Taking Over The Beauty World

Korea never fails to surprise you when it is about fashion and beauty, does it? They have introduced a new thing in the market, which is quite creepy but OMG, it has already set the trend. For the ones who don’t know, Hanacure, a South Korean facial kit, is what we are talking about, and it is an all-powerful anti-aging product.

Kourtney Kardashian tried it and said she was forced by Kim to do so, and she loves the result.

Just pause right here, and visit their Instagram page for once, you will see why we called it creepy in the first place. These testimonials would give you that urge to trying it.

Also, why do these ‘before-after’ pictures create such ASMR vibes in our heads?

Now, come back to read more about it. No, no, before searching for it online, just read more about it.

What Is Hanacure Facial Mask?

Hanacure facial mask is a facial gel mask that is inspired by the Lotus flower. Lotus in Asian culture is symbolic of rebirth and purity. Yes, just think about the relevance, how cool that is! This just won our hearts.


The product aims to give major rejuvenating and renewing benefits, which would yield age-reversing results. The founders of Hanacure released this product in 2017 after three long years of work, and after three years of its launch, it is crazily spreading across the world. Thanks to Instagram!

What Does Hanacure Facial Mask Do?

Hanacure is a facial mask, as we said, that works for age-reversing results. It rejuvenates the skin and renews it making it glow 10x more. This mask is unique because it can solve multiple skin problems that come with aging like decreasing wrinkles, making the skin tone even, removing the blemishes, making the skin a lot softer than before, brightening the complexion, removing acne marks, and making the skin look plumper. All in all, it is a miracle worker for the skin.


Oh wait, you are not convinced, let us add a bit more to it, it detoxifies the skin, deep cleanses it, adds a finesse sheen to it.

The cherry on the cake, it is for both men and women!

How To Apply It And How Is It Creepy?


To burst the bubble here, it is creepy because it dries on the face within seconds and freezes the skin. It becomes very difficult for you to move your face. You might look like a frozen character from the Game of Thrones. No, legit like them or maybe like those from the Walking Dead. Hence, creepy! Oh no, wait, creepy to the next level. This is because the intensity of the tightening of the mask is extremely high. You won’t be able to talk for 15 minutes once you have applied this.

It is a two-step facial system consisting of a lifting serum and a gelling solution. You have to mix this and purifying compound will be created that has to be applied. It is a 2-step solution that comes in a packet along with a brush. After 15 to 20 minutes, wash the face with normal water.

Post this, get ready for the glossy, shiny skin you would have ever seen yourself in.

So, what do you think? Will you like to give this a try?

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