Harsh Truths About One Night Stands Every Girl Should Know About

One night stand is one of the most controversial topics ever. On one hand, it sounds fancy and on the other, it can be a hell risky. No matter how dicey the situation of being up close and personal to a stranger, one night stand has its own pros and cons. Here are 7 harsh truths of one night stands which you will have to deal with, irrespective of anything.

  1. You can be surprised with some bad sex moves

one night stand


You surely were not intimate physically already with the stranger you moved in. So, what is there in the store for you, is something you don’t know.

Good sex is not at all guaranteed. You may judge the other day that the sex in which you have indulged in was really not worth taking this chance.

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  1. STDs issues may not be spoken

One night stands do not always offer you a pleasant sex. It also does not offer you safe sex always. The other person may be having some STDs which he might not be vocal about. After all, who is willing to say out loud about any of their problems to a random stranger?

  1. You might be judged, badly

Let’s face it – we all live in a society wherein every other person is judgemental. You might be judged for this decision of yours, and you might also be criticized badly. Your moves, your body, and your actions might be judged. But, as far as you are okay with that, you don’t have to worry.

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  1. High risk of getting the beans spilled

Since there is no love, there is no honesty between the two of you. There can be higher chances that your partner may spill the beans. He can say about the entire experience to his friends and other people. It is essential that you be prepared for such a situation.

  1. The next morning can be really awkward

one night stand


What happens in the heat of the moment is done and dusted. But, the next morning can be really awkward and not expected. Maybe you will not want to share those kisses and hugs as there is nothing like the love between the two of you.

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  1. Things can get really wild, even if you don’t want to

one night stand


This should be pretty clear for the both of you. Both of you are there for one specific action hence, there is any room for gentle foreplay. Things are going to be wild and you need to be prepared for that.

  1. Your partner can behave clingily

This is probably one of the worst things that can happen to you. There are least chances that you would want to stick on to that person.  And, if he becomes clingy and keeps calling every now and then, it can be something really choking and bad.

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