10 Small Gestures Which Prove That He Is The One

Always wanted the perfect RAJ of your dreams in the real life? Do you feel that RAJ and SIMRAN romance is the best in the world? Do you keep comparing your man with your dream man RAJ or RAHUL? Well, let me give you a reality check.

May be your man is not as romantic as Raj or maybe he is not as charming as Bunny (YJHD), he may still be the one for you. Fairy tale romances are not the one where you have a happy ending like the RAJ and SIMRAN ones, but fairy tale romances are those where you feel every day is worth it just because of him. Also, if you find these traits in him then he is the one for you.

  1. He considers you major in every important decision

“Hey babe, I was wondering if I should switch the company or not?” If he asks such major questions to you and considers your opinion, he is one in a million. *Grab Him*

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  1. He is your best critic

“I don’t think you should wear this denim because this is something too flashy for a lunch date with your friends.” If he notices so many things and gives an honest opinion without bothering about how you will judge him, he is the one.

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  1. He is interested in your day and life

he is the one


“How was your day today? Was it as you planned?” If he is genuinely interested in your life then you know he is not someone who can be left.

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  1. He keeps you as a priority in his future

If he keeps you as the topmost priority in his future plans, then that’s it, you don’t have to worry about anything else in this world. You have to love him a lot more.

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  1. He does not care about your oily hair or unshaped brows

Yes, if you don’t have to be perfect around him and you are comfortable the way you are, with him and he loves and accepts you that way, then he is really into you and not your ‘filtered looks’. Never let him go, girls.

  1. He calls you every now and then

When he calls you at any hour of the day just to talk to you, you know he is too much into you. These little things prove he loves you more than you think.

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  1. He apologizes for his mistakes

After the heated argument between the two of you, if he realizes his mistake and calls you to apologize and make up for the things, then what else can a woman ask from any man. He is the perfect Raj, girls.

  1. He knows what you love and always surprises you

he is the one


He knows very well that you would choose waffles over pancakes, any day. And he surprises you with the most unexpected things at the most unexpected hour. He knows how to make you smile, probably he will always do these efforts to make you smile. He is the one, note it.

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  1. He is not at all judgemental but supportive

You don’t have to be worried about things which will bother him because generally, nothing bothers him. He does not judge you but supports you in various major and minor decisions of your life.


  1. He is faithful and loyal to you

Being loyal and truthful is the most important thing you will obviously look for in your dream man. If he is even loyal for his snoring habits and Facebook passwords, you know that he is the one.

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