10 Ways To Bring Things Back To Normal After A Heated Argument With Your Bae

Every relationship has ups and downs and yours is no exception. Arguments are normal but the after effects of a fight are something to worry for. You feel hurt, angry, and resentful and think whether your partner is also worried or it’s only you who is overthinking about the situation. There is a post-argument awkwardness  and neither of you would like to take an initiative to talk to resolve things, but you should keep your ego aside and get things back on track and move past the heated argument. Here is how to do it!

  1. Apologize

heated argument


Simply express that you are sorry and want to make things perfect again, leaving all that happened and start afresh. This would always help as your partner would appreciate your initiative and forget the argument which has brought you to such an awkward state. You might refuse to apologize because it’ll prove that you were guilty of doing wrong. However, apologizing doesn’t mean an act of surrender; it can be seen as a peace-offering. Not all the arguments can be avoided but you can always apologize for your part in the heated discussion.

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  1. “Do you remember the time when…”

I would suggest you to keep your ego aside and start talking about the good times you both have spent together. Make him remember a day when you cuddled him in the middle of a super market and it made him feel special or you can just fill in the blank for yourself. It could be something funny or sweet.

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  1. Try not to make excuses for fighting

There could be innumerable things on which you can blame an argument, – headache, and bad day at work, weather, or a restless night. But you should never try to make excuses why you had an argument because passing the blame to your partner isn’t good. If you are stressed or have something going on in your head, you should share with your partner rather than picking up a fight and looking for excuses thereafter.

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  1. Hilarious activities

Well this could be an amazing way to bring the smile back on your partner’s face. You can dance for your partner in a funny way which makes him laugh and gets his mind back at peace. You should always keep something funny in your pocket that you can surprise your partner with when they are scowling. It should be ridiculous enough to bring out laughter and at the same time sexy enough to ignite attraction.

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  1. Use some magic words

heated argument


Look for some magic words after an argument. Always remember that there are words that can bring you closer to your partner even in the middle of an argument. Try some gestures that can simply make your partner to cuddle you. For instance, how about, ‘don’t try to look angry, when you actually end up looking cuter’. This for sure, is going to make your partner smile, and voila!

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  1. Cool him down

Another way to make up after a fight is to give space to your partner and let them cool down and try not to speak to them for some time. Some people need alone time so that they can process their thoughts and think about what actually led to an argument and it’s important to give them some time.

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  1. Refreshing massage

heated argument


This would seem funny but effective sometimes. I know things get complicated after an argument and you are stuck how to get over the awkward post-fight vibes. So here is a solution to such feeling, you can give your partner a back massage which would make them feel special and relax them to think in a better way.

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  1. Agree do disagree

If you think that fighting has made things complicated then try making up after a fight. It’s easier said than done. Not every argument will have a solution or an answer in the end. If you feel your partner was at fault and you should definitely apologize, but on the other hand they are adamant and egoistic, then you should just “agree to disagree” which means to give up your attitude and make things at peace. You should forget and forgive each other.

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  1. Remind them that you love them

When you are indulged in a fight, you and your partner necessarily have all the negative feelings about each other. So the best way to cool down after a fight is to focus your partner’s attention on why you exactly love them and what value do they hold in your life. Change the dialogue during the argument and try to calm them down counting for reasons that make you love them.

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  1. Try not to SAY, “I DIDN’T MEAN IT”

Saying that you never meant to fight or never meant something that you said over a fight would just irritate them and it would be like trying to use an eraser on a permanent marker. It would just make them to jump back on what you said and they’ll try to put every negative statement forth to prove what you said was something that you meant and it would ignite the argument further. On the other hand, you will stay focused at proving your point right and it’ll keep you away from looking for a solution to the situation.

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