#HoliSpecial: Effective Hair Care Tips for Holi

Let not your hair come between the Holi fun. Enjoy to the fullest without worrying that Holi colors would damage your hair, as we have got your back! Here are a few effective hair care tips for Holi which would make sure that your hairs look beautiful forever!

  1. Jaborandi oil hair to the rescue

hair care tips for Holi


Applying hair oil before jumping into the Holi celebrations is a must. Come to think of it, it is highly recommended to apply Jaborandi oil as it provides enough moisture and acts as a strong coat above your hair. It forms a thick layer on the cuticles on your hair which does not let the gulaal or watercolors stick on them.

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  1. Use Vaseline for luster

Have you ever used Vaseline on your hair? If not, do it this Holi to protect your hair from harmful Holi colors. Apply a lot of Vaseline on your hair before or after applying oil. This would provide shine and luster to your hair and would not allow the colors to stay on them. The colors will slip away and help you get rid of them easily.

  1. Beer and lemon juice therapy

One of the best ways to combat the harmful effects of Holi color is by using beer and lemon juice therapy. All you need to do is mix beer with lemon juice and use this mixture for your last rinse. Leave the mixture on your hair for some time and then wash them with cold water. This makes the hair softer while protecting your hair from falling.

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  1. Indulge yourself in home hair spa

This is one of the best hair care tips for Holi. Apply a lot of oil on your hair and massage it nicely. Use hot water towel and wrap it around your hair and keep it for half an hour. Wash it with normal water with mild shampoo. This would not only improve your hair quality but would remove the extra color from your scalp too.

  1. Do not wear bandanna or scarf

Avoid wearing bandanna and scarf on your head to protect your hair from Holi color. This is because wearing these accessories all day long would lock the Holi color and water in your scalp. Thus, it is highly recommended to ditch them and instead go for caps, thick hats, and fedoras.

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  1. Flaunt a good hairstyle

hair care tips for holi


Lastly, making a good hairstyle is also an important aspect. Good hairstyles like a braid and bun will keep your hair covered and would not allow the colors and water to dampen your hair completely. On the other hand, an open hairstyle could worsen the quality of your hair leading to more hair damage.

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