5 Home Decor Hacks To Transform Your Home To an Extra-Ordinary Piece!

Who don’t wants to have a well-settled, decorated and clutter-free home? Returning from a stressed day at work to a vibrant and dynamic home – oh, what a pleasure it would be!

A few home decor hacks is what all it takes! Check how. 

Go for light colors

Undoubtedly, dark colors look trendier and are design friendly, but they tend to make your room a bit smaller. Thus it is best to stick with some pale colors like pale grays, white and blues to keep it simple, open and airy.

Make the best of mirrors

House is clean and done cooking for the kids! Time to hit the beach and it's gonna be hot hot hot!!

Mirrors can add space to your room visually almost instantly. No, don’t make it wall to wall. Rather keep an oversized mirror on one of the walls and group it with various small mirrors.

Go monochromatic

You would be surprised to know how different shades of the same color can add depth to your room. Try different shades of the same color like beige, white and offwhite.

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Keep it minimal

We are often tempted to add more and more décor patterns and furnishings into our room. Never ever go overboard. Say goodbye to everything that you do not love or are not in need.

Have an eye-catchy entry door

It is your house after all, and it needs to have a grand entry. Go for some vibrant and dynamic colors to color your entry door.

Black is my standard entry door color but this simple update to a client's original dated door was perfect for this young family till the doors were replaced. I knew it was the right choice when the neighbors complained.

You can further let your imagination run wild and try some out of the box stuff. See how they have engraved the house number on the pillar. Cool, no?

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Experiment and explore various color schemes and ideas. Home decor hacks if followed well can transform your home instantly!

Top Image and Featured Image: Pixabay.com