How Are You Taking Care Of Feet And Preparing Yourself For Sandal Season?

Okay, so it is sandal season officially! You have already bid adieu to your boots, oxfords, and bellies.  You are all back to straps and slippers – what a fun it is to flaunt a walk in your favorite colorful straps.  But what are you doing to prepare your feet for sandal season apart from painting the toes? How are you taking care of feet?

While undoubtedly I am a fan of straps like you are, but am not a great fan of ladies who do it all wrong. Cracked heels, chapped skin and broken nails – this definitely is not appreciable.

So just to ensure that you do well with the straps, here is a 5 step routine to ensure that your feet look wonderful in sandals.

  1. How would you rate your feet on the scale of 1 to 10?

taking care of feet

Now that your feet are done with boots, make them feel that you have not forgotten them.  Check them, touch them and feel them. See how they are doing.  Check for cracked heels and discolored nails.  If you find something serious – as in infection or the likes, it is better to consult your doctor.

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  1. Soak them in!

taking care of feet

The next step is pretty easy. Prepare a mixture to soak your feet – pamper them up.  I choose to go for a solution of baking soda and vinegar.  Just enjoy your favorite TV soap or eat those popcorns while having your feet soaked in water.  15 minutes is all it takes.

  1. Exfoliate and discard the unwanted

While you still have your feet soaked in the magic mixture, take a pumice stone and scrub your feet – the heel, ankle, thumb and all around. Remove dead and damaged skin.  The new skin would be baby soft, supple and clean.

  1. Pamper them up

Spend some quality time with your feet.  Moisturize them.  Massage them. Olive oil is good.  If you can get hands on shea butter, coconut oil – it is best. Taking care of feet is no rocket science, you just need to take out some time to serve them.

  1. Paint them up

Next is my favorite step.  Paint your nails with pretty colors.  Keep the nails short and square.  Keep them till the length of your foot.  Above that it gets tacky!

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How to keep your feet great all the year round?

taking care of feet

  • Avoid wearing straps daily.  While they look good, they do almost nothing to take care of your feet. As a result, your feet are exposed daily to dirt, dust and everything else.  Thus, it is highly advised to skip straps for a day or two per week.
  • Moisturizing is an important practice you should religiously follow in the process of taking care of feet.  Moisturize them every day after you take a shower. They absorb the best when they are wet.
  • Change your footies and stockings daily. If you have smelly feet, soak your feet in vinegar and water – it helps!
  • If you’re diabetic, don’t fix random appointments in the salon. Talk with your doctor before going for a pedicure.