7 Tips That Would Make You A Topper in Math

Math can at times put you in a torturous website, no matter how good student you are. You might like to read and write and can be good at other subjects, which your grades would surely have reflected, but math is not just your cup of tea. It is pretty normal, and happens, but there is nothing in this world which you cannot master! If you have always dreamt of being a topper in math, you can!

  1. Be present in math class both physically and mentally

topper in math


It goes without saying, the more math classes you skip, and the more difficult it will get for you to grasp things. And no, not just physical presence would work; instead, you would need to focus on what is being taught. Make it a habit of staying on the same page with your teacher while you are in class.

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  1. Clear your previous concepts before going on to the next

This is what will make you topper in math. Unlike history or other subjective subjects, you can still manage to learn concept 2 even though concept 1 is not clear. But this will not work in Mathematics. It is a ladder, wherein if you skip the rung 1, getting on rung 2 becomes difficult. It is thus highly recommended to clear any confusion then and there instead of thinking ‘I will ask later’. This will only make you weaker at other concepts which are based on concept 1 which you didn’t understand. Getting the point?

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  1. Make notes

topper in maths


Now you might be thinking how can someone make notes for math? Well, yes you can. There is a lot of important terminologies, theorems, and formulae in math which you think that you’ll remember but eventually, end up forgetting. Even though these can be easily found in books, but having them jotted down at a place such that you can refer them every time whenever needed makes it easy. Also make it a point to note down any tricks, important questions, and sample answers in a notebook. This would come handy at times when you are feeling nervous before your exams.

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  1. Make it a habit to practice step by step

You might already be good at math, but are you still struggling to be a topper in math? Well, not anymore! It is good that you can solve the questions in just a few steps and by doing calculations on hand. But this won’t earn you marks. Make it a habit of solving questions in a step by step manner as you are expected to do in exams. This would help you in two ways. One, you would be able to grasp concepts better. Second, even if you arrive at a wrong answer, correct steps might win your some marks from a charitable teacher.

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  1. Practice math one hour daily

topper in maths


One hour is not much to ask for, is it? Well, yes, you have a lot of subjects to study, but practicing math daily helps you in long run. First, math is conceptual and you won’t forget concepts once you have understood them. This would help you a few days before exams where you won’t feel the need of practicing math as you were already doing them daily, and thus, can devote time to other subjects. Second, practicing math daily would make it sound easy for you. You are more likely to understand and grasp things when you have already studied them in class with your teacher and have practiced them the same day at home.

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  1. Practice with clock

One of the scariest things which often make you score fewer in exams is because you were not able to attempt the question paper in full. The best way to combat this is by practicing math with a clock or a timer. Practice tests at the same time restricted format a few days before your exams to be a topper in math.

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  1. Make the best use of all resources

topper in maths


At the time, your course textbook might not just be enough. It is highly recommended to start practicing from a few other books from different publishers and writers. You might also like to explore stuff online. However, if nothing seems to work out, seek help from your math teacher and ask questions in extra time from them.

All the best!

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