How to Keep Your Dating App Conversations Interesting?

Dating apps are a serious thing these days. Everything is instant so why should love be left behind, right? So, on that note, here are some of the dating app conversations that would help you have non-cliché and non-boring talks.

  1. Jade over food

Dating App Conversations


Come on everyone loves food and how! And starting the conversation with something related to food can always be a good idea. Smartly you can also know what the other person likes and if things work out, then you can surprise the other person with a date to their favorite place.

How’s the idea?

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  1. Proceed talking about travel with some unrealistic plans

Dating App Conversations


“How does your travel bucket list look like?” or “With what places you would want to bruise your passports?” can be some amazing questions as a starter pack for your dating app conversations. You could also indulge in some healthy flirting followed by it.

  1. Play introductory question games

Instead of asking normal questions and being boring what you can do is play question games. It could go like, ‘tattoo?’ and both of you have to answer if you have it or not. Similarly, there could be so many questions asked in a playful way that would help you guys know each other.

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  1. Keep changing the topics from food to travel to films to life and more


Do not ever get stuck at the same topic while having the dating app conversation because it can be a turn off for the other person. Be the person who takes initiatives and keep fluctuating the questions.

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  1. Talk about weekend plans

No, not the direct plans of the boy during the weekend but some indirect and fun facts about the weekend. You can ask questions like “How do you love your Sunday afternoon?” or “What do you love to do during the Saturday nights?” and so on.

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  1. When was the last time you laughed real hard

Dating App Conversations


Be someone who has smart questions to keep the conversation going alive. You will have to take efforts and look like you are effortless. Such questions can make you understand the person so much more.

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  1. How would you describe yourself

Dating App Conversations


This is hands down the best question to understand the person you are talking to. You will surely get some insights about the person you are talking to and you should always be ready to give interesting answers on your part as well.

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