10 Tips On How To Look Good Effortlessly Every Morning

We all have that one friend who always looks put together perfectly, no matter what day of the week it is! If you have always wondered as to how she manages to look so flawless every time, well, here is the trick on how to look good! All it takes is a bit of time and effort.

  1. Clean your wardrobe

how to look good


If you really want to make sure that you look good every time, start the process by cleaning your wardrobe. Say goodbye to all those things that you are no longer going to use – no, no relaxations provided! Avoid keeping stuff just because you are attached to them, but you know, you’re never going to put them on your body. Get rid of stained clothes, the ones with holes, with faded colors, old-fashioned and the likes.

Only keep those clothes that look good on you and are of nice quality. Doing this, your half battle is won and now you won’t accidentally pick worn out clothes.

Still confused? Throw anything out which you have not worn for a year, until and unless it is something fancy, like anarkalis and sarees.

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  1. Take your own time to get ready

Don’t expect miracles to happen if you wake up just 15 minutes before your scheduled departure time and still are positive that you would look good this morning! You need to actively plan out your schedule such that neither your looks and nor your sleep is compromised. Plan out what you are going to wear the next day at night itself to save time. Figure out what works best for you effortlessly.

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  1. Experiment with accessories

Finding answers to how to look good need not be costly every time! Just play with what you already have and look stylish. A simple white tee and jeans can look out of the world if properly complimented with a handbag, scarf, and some chunky jewelry. Invest money in some classic pieces like colorful blazers, scarves, flat shoes and sandals, a classic black handbag and the likes.

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  1. Spoil yourself with self-care

how to look good


Looking good is a continuous process. Just having a good face won’t serve the purpose. You need to bestow the same level of love on your hands, feet and other body parts too. Pamper yourself weekly or fortnightly with facials, nail arts, drink loads of water, have sound sleep, eat fruits, and stay happy. This will surely reflect your mood, lifestyle, and looks; surely it would do.

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  1. Avoid overdoing it

Looking good doesn’t have to be going overboard with makeup. You cannot transform a dull face into a lively one with too much contouring and highlighting. Stick to basics and keep it really simple, till you are not an expert. Start with foundation, mascara, blush and a nice lip product.

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  1. Make sure your hair look good at the beginning of each week

how to look good


IIf you will start with a bad hair day every week, the rest of the weekdays are only going to add frizz and roughness to them. The better way is to invest in them every Sunday or so. Sleep with coconut oil or conditioner so that the next day you wake up, you have silky hair with no hair tantrums. Make it a point to wash them at least twice a week.

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  1. Having good hair is a battle half won

Having good hair has an instant positive effect on your mood throughout the day. No? Maintain your hair wisely. Get a haircut as per their length, texture and type and style them accordingly. If you have busy mornings, make it a point to wash your hair two nights a week and quickly style them in morning. Invest in some good quality serum to make them shiny.

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  1. Shop smartly

how to look good


Avoid keeping random stuff in your shopping cart just because it looks good. analyze the comfort that they are going to bless you with. Some oversized knits, big t-shirts, and leggings can open a range of styling options in front of you. But make sure, they are properly matched and well-coordinated. Go for some neutral tones like black, cream, navy, gray such that you can mix and match with other accessories and it still looks great.

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  1. Have a capsule wardrobe

Have a few well-assembled pieces that you can grab even when you have just 5 minutes, and still manage to look put together! Look for a pair of jeans that look great on you, a cool t-shirt and leather jacket. No matter if you are in rush, you have your own capsule apparels that you can put on and look great in no time.

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  1. Pay attention on a color scheme

We all have a few colored clothes more in our wardrobe than others. Try and look for a color theme that your wardrobe has and play around that. This helps in easy mix and match which not only looks well-coordinated but also save you a few hundreds. This doesn’t mean that patterned clothes are a big no, but it is easy to play around when shades go together.

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