10 Fashion Tips Which Would Make You Look Taller Instantly

Petite girls often find themselves struggling with their height and have always wondered if they can really add a few inches to them. Well, you can’t actually add to your height (be happy with what you have), but you can definitely create an illusion of looking longer. No, not with heels!

  1. Flared jeans create illusionary longer legs

look taller


Go for a pair of super slim jeans with flare at the bottom. Even better, if you could sport a pair of flared jeans whose hem touches the top of your shoes? This would create an illusion of longer legs. Further, to finish the look perfectly, wear a waist length top and tuck in. You’re ready to rock!

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  1. Avoid knee-length and calf-length

Want to flaunt a skirt? Well, either go for a super long skirt or for a super short skirt. Now, with super short, we don’t mean that you go offensively short, but maintain the balance ladies and keep it chic!

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  1. Rock a puff

look taller


Sporting a puff or tieing a topknot adds to your height and creates an illusionary vertical line which is taller than your actual height. Bid adieu to flatiron look, and give some bounce to your hair to look taller.

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  1. Include high-waist bottoms in your wardrobe

look taller


High-waist jeans, shorts, skirts, palazzos – anything, as long as it is high-waisted would make your lower body look taller, thus tricking the eye and make you look taller!

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  1. Try vertical strips

look taller


This is a no-brainer! Clothes with vertical strips are said to make you look taller since ages. It would not only look cute but vertical lines would also make you look longer. Wear tops, skirts, and dresses with vertical stripes, and live your dream of looking taller.

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  1. Go for small handbags

No matter, how trendy gigantic bags might look, if you want to look taller, just flaunt small sling bags, totes, and clutches. This is perhaps because bigger bags add width to your look and neutralize your height along with.

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  1. Flaunt thin belts

look taller


While super thick belts might tempt you for the way they look, make it a point to stick with skinny belts as they will define your natural waist beautifully, alongside making you look taller.

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  1. Say hello to V-necks

Yes, V-necks can actually make you look taller by creating an illusion of longer torso.

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  1. Rock pointed footwear

look taller


Pointed stilettos and pointed ballerinas make your legs look longer, and you taller. Next time you go for footwear shopping, make it a point to buy the pointed ones.

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  1. Right fit is the key

If you’re a petite girl, care should be taken that everything is in proportion and well-fitted. Avoid wearing too boxy clothes. Cropped styles would look perfect on you.

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