10 Tried And Tested Ways To Make Your New Relationship Stronger

Getting into a new relationship is like tasting a popsicle for the first time in your life. The happiness to call someone your own, call them by personalized names, the excitement to share even the smallest of things with that special person is above all. Making you believe in inner beauty after all those years of losing belief in yourself, having someone to trust more than yourself, the anxious feeling to meet the special one and going an extra mile to make it happen. A new relationship brings tons of happiness. You can keep the flame of new relationships alive all through the coming years by making it stronger through your actions. Here are some of the things you can do to make your other half fall for you all over again and make your new relationship stronger

  1. Keep the lamp of communication glowing

make your new relationship stronger


A partner who takes interests in small talks and deep conversation is hard to find but not impossible. Having someone to talk and at the same time not having him/her when you actually want to are two sides of the same coin. Indulge in deep talks with your partner. Not only about the big stuff happenings but telling them about the small moments of your life increases intimacy and understanding.

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  1. Double dating is bliss

make your new relationship stronger


Have friends who are couples? If yes, why not plan a double date and make your new relationship stronger? Double dating though a thing of past is really awesome way to know your partner and his friends well. Spending time and talking love makes the essence of love even stronger.

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  1. Pissing off creates mess in relations

make your new relationship stronger


Think twice before getting pissed off with your partner. Is it really reasonable? Because nothing messes up relations more than knowing you just overreacted and another person wasn’t at fault. So next time, you get angry at your bae, try keeping yourself in his/her place. Don’t always think worse about the situation. Try to be understanding about the situation and just not rant your anger out. Take a chill pill if you want to make your new relationship stronger!

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  1. Do something new together

make your new relationship stronger


Try out things that are new to both of you. Activities like these tend to strengthen the bond of love and understanding. Do something totally out of the box, like going out for trekking, exploring new places in town, helping NGO’s etc. Such deeds help in knowing your partner even better and bring you closer to each other. Give it a go!

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  1. Stop following the old stereotypes

Start your own rituals. Throw out the stereotypical thoughts of not doing certain things together. Strike off the old rules and make your own. For instance, give a head massage to each other on certain fixed days, try out face packs together, fix weekends for homemade foods and the likes.

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  1. Meet their family and friends

Well, just having a good touch with your partner’s family and friends makes your relationship to a whole new level. Talking to not directly to the parents but to his/her siblings and friends is quite important.

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  1. Being nice to each other

Before anything, you need to be best friends. Develop a relationship where you don’t get offended by little comments from your partner and at the same time, don’t forget to be nice to each other. Don’t let the arguments turn into big fights. Most importantly, don’t ever let your partner sleep angry. Sort out things the very day they start.

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  1. Don’t hesitate to be touchy

make your new relationship stronger


Sometimes it’s nice to be touchy to let your partner know yes, you are head over heels in love. Forehead and cheek kisses are bliss. Being in intimacy makes your love stronger and relationships longer.

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  1. Don’t meet up every day

Longingness is a key to imbibe relationships. Meeting every day loses the essence of longingness. Meeting once a week increases the excitement to meet that special person. Finally, when it happens, you are budding out of happiness. You just run into arms and hug so hard. Moments like these lose their essence when you meet him every day.

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  1. Don’t lie but white lies are sometimes necessary

make your new relationship stronger


Lying unnecessarily not only makes your partner lose your trust on you but it also becomes your habit. Avoid them at all costs. However, telling white lies just to make your partner happy will bind you together for much longer. For instance, if your partner asks about a particular person being cute or not, just answer what he wants to listen. Sometimes just telling the truth doesn’t bring happiness, but small lies can make your new relationship stronger.

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