7 Gentle Ways To Reject A Friend Who Has A Crush On You

Rejection is sad. And it is even sadder when you have to reject someone. What could be worst than rejecting a friend who has a crush on you? But you’ve to, simply because you are not into him. And that’s how life goes. If you too have to reject a friend who has a crush on you, and you have no idea as to how to do it, we’re here for you!

  1. Give hints

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Hint him, and is he is smart enough, he would understand it. Don’t respond to his tweets, emails and calls too instantly. Make sure that you are not leading him on. Don’t make him think that you were eagerly waiting for his call.

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  1. Don’t give false hopes

reject a friend


This is a delicate situation. And being rude to him is not the answer. But keep your point straight and yet making sure that you’re not sounding rude. Don’t give him false hopes making him think that you might be with him in future. No!

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  1. Meet him in person

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No one likes to get rejected on text or email. Well, I know it is actually tough to say thing when he is standing in front of you, hopefully. But you have to do it anyway. He is your friend and you owe to him. Plus, when you meet him the next time, you both won’t feel awkward too.

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  1. Be as gentle as possible

I know things are tricky for you guys. But remember he is your friend. Yes, he wants much more from you than just friendship which you are not ready for, but this doesn’t give you a reason to be rude with him. Correct? Try to take things as gentle as possible. Say him that you are actually flattered with him, but you are not ready to take your relationship to a next level and that he should move on.

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  1. Tell him that you will still want a friendship

reject a friend


If you would still like to be friends with him, go ahead and say that to him. He might think that you won’t like him to be around you as you have rejected him, but clear up the things. Say him that you are still a good friend of him. This would help you in cheering him up.

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  1. Avoid insulting him

Even if the things got worse, avoid insulting him. Avoid telling him the reasons that you feel you’re not attracted to him. There is no need to do so. After all, who likes to know the reasons of rejections?

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  1. Give him some space

reject a friend


Don’t expect the things to go back normal just after you have reject a friend. And so, let him enjoy his company. Give him some personal space. Stop inviting him to every hangout that you have with your common friends. But do keep checking in with them once in a while to see if they’re normal again.

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