How To Save A Friend From Depression?

Depression – it is a word which has a different meaning in every person’s dictionary. And we agree that it is totally subjective and personal. Depression is not a disease but a state of mind in which a person needs support. It is not something to hide or feel shameful about and even not something to make fun of. It is as serious as any critical condition and as normal as a cough and cold. It does not have a generalized list of symptoms and every person dealing with this has a different way to behave.

As we already said, when a person is in depression, all they need is your support. If you have someone who you know or feel is going through depression, you must help and give them your hand. And for this concern, we are giving you the do’s and don’ts of helping a friend who is depressed.

  1. Observe the person carefully

If you see something unusual in anyone’s behavior who is close to you, and you feel that person is suffering from depression, you need to be sure about it, first. You need to observe the person carefully and read the early signs. Try to be closer to them without bothering them and hence you can understand the changes in their behavior.

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  1. Listen to them

ways to save a person from depression


If you are sure that the person is suffering from depression, the best way to help a depressed friend is to give them your ear to listen and your shoulder to lean on. Be friendly with them and ask them about their problem. Just listen to them and make sure you will not repeat their problem in front of the others. Just listen to them so that they spell out everything and they feel relaxed a bit.

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  1. Do not give advice

Depression is something very critical and sensitive. The person who is suffering from this problem is not in a condition to listen to your advice and suggestions. Nothing suits their mood at that moment. So, if you are wondering what to say to a depressed friend – well, keep your expert advice for later and just listen to their feelings and do not say anything to them. They just need an ear and not a mouth.

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  1. Support them and be patient

ways to save friend from depression


It is extremely difficult to listen to someone continuously when they open up. You may get irritated and pissed off too. But if you truly want to help someone, you have to be patient and listen to them carefully. You need to support them in any case because early signs of depression can even lead to something serious for them. So, do not lose your patience and just keep supporting them. Also, try to cheer them up as much as you can. And above all, don’t be judgmental.

  1. Arrange for their professional help

There are specialists and professionals who are expert in providing help to everyone who is dealing with depression. So, search for the best expert through your contacts and take them to those professionals for a good session which would help them. Do not feel shy for this act or think anything bad about it because this is something the depressed people badly need.

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