10 Tips For Taking A Perfect Selfie At The First Click

Living in a world of selfie without knowing how to take a perfect one is no crime. And, aiming for hundreds of likes on your selfie is no rare feat too! Here are a few tested, reliable and quick tips would can help you take a perfect selfie. No reclicks required, guaranteed.

  1. Tilt your face a little

taking the perfect selfie


Tilting your face a little makes a perfect angle for a selfie. It highlights your cheekbones and makes your eyes look bigger.

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  1. Find the perfect light

taking the perfect selfie


Don’t click selfies in dim light or facing against the light. The right amount of light makes images brighter and makes you look glowing and shiny.

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  1. Make your lips shine

Dry and chapped lips can make your selfie dull. Use a good lip-gloss or lipstick before clicking a perfect selfie. Shiny lips will make your face look fresh and adorable. Believe it!

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  1. Click something other than your face

Who said selfies are all about just face! Try clicking selfie of your dangling feet with cool sneakers on. Flaunt your wrists with a new bracelet. Be creative and click something out of the box.

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  1. Don’t let background ruin your pic

When the background is good but your pic isn’t. When your selfie is perfect but the background isn’t. In both cases, the selfies’ fate is to get deleted. Well to avoid such dilemma, here’s a thing. If you keep the camera lens too close to you, it will make your nose look more bulging and eyes tiny. To avoid this, just zoom in just slightly, not too much to make it pixelate, and then place a camera as you usually do to click the picture.

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  1. Follow the rule of thirds

The rule of thirds says that selfie clicked with a face on the right corner or left corner looks more compelling than when clicked with face in the middle.

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  1. Two handed selfie

If you aren’t an expert in clicking the selfie with one hand, try a two handed selfie. You don’t have to do any balancing act. You can hold the camera with one hand click the shutter button with another.

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  1. Take selfie of your selfie

Ever tried taking a selfie of you taking a selfie? Well, if no try it out soon. It actually is much more fun and flattering.

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  1. Find your signature pose

taking the perfect selfie


There’s always one pose which suits you and your selfies always turn out great in that particular pose. Find one of yours and stick to it no matter what.

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  1. Hold your camera above your head

taking the perfect selfie


Try taking a selfie with a camera diagonally above your head. Selfies with this angle are artsy, show your full pose, and help you in flaunting your perfect curves along with attire.

Try out these and be the queen of taking selfies.

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