Are You Washing Your Face The Right Way?

Washing your face is one of those activities that we think all of us do the same way, no? But our faith gets broken soon when we discover that someone is actually washing it differently. It is then that we start wondering: scrub or cleanser? Cold water or hold water? Turns out, there are more questions than we actually do realize when it comes to washing your face. And so we thought of fetching answers!

The right set of tools

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Makes up that stays on your skin for long is what that leads to zits and clogged pores. Never go to bed with your makeup on. Choose an oil-based makeup remover for washing your face.

As far as a cleanser is concerned, we know it is difficult to get your eyes away from promising advertisements, but it is highly recommended to go for fragrance-free, pH balanced and gentle cleanser.

PeepyPeeps recommends Cetaphil Gentle skin Cleanser.

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Dry skin

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If your skin feels stretchy as soon as you wash your face, you have dry skin. Cream based cleansers go well with dry skin. If your chosen cleanser has shea butter and glycerine – well and good!

Oily skin

washing your face


If your skin feels oily all over, you are blessed with oily skin. While foaming cleansers might leave you super clean for a moment, it is always safe to go with oil based cleansers as they better cut the oil.

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Now that you have got your face wash product, it is the right time to talk about temperatures. The cool water might feel great on skin but won’t help you in getting rid of grease easily. Further, if you choose to go for hot water, it will give you an irritated and dry skin. Extremes of both the temperature are not going to work! Thus, lukewarm water is ideal for washing your face.

How to wash?

Give a splash of lukewarm water on your face and apply the cleanser in a circular motion, focusing upon U-zone and T-zone. Be gentle with your washcloth and do not scrub your face rigorously. Instead, just pat your face dry sophisticatedly.

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Always wash your face before you go to bed

No matter, if you have makeup on or not, just make it a habit of washing your face before you sleep. This will help you get rid of that excess build-up and dirt on your skin.

Bottom line

Lastly, never step out without sunscreen, and drink lots of water to maintain your skin in tip-top condition!

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