9 Irritating Things Which Our Boyfriends Do And We Don’t Know Why?

Being in love and being in a relationship is always kinda cute stuff. It means feeling the butterflies in the stomach every now and then. Being in a relationship means you can pamper and you can get pampered any time. You can have your fairy-tale when you are in a relationship with the right guy. But being in a relationship also means that you have to handle your boy, understand him and his weird behavior.

There are certain irritating things which our boyfriends do and we are not able to figure out why. Let’s check out.

  1. Not understanding our mood swings

Why for the sake of God, boys can’t understand our mood swings? Why do they even feel that everything is alright when we say ‘I am fine’? How could we be fine? You have asked us this question because you know something is weird, right?

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  1. Ignoring calls/texts while being with their guy friends

irritating things our boyfriends do


We mean you can always pick up our call and tell us that you are busy and we will keep the phone down. And what does it cost to text back? We are not snatching your guy time, stop being so insecure, man!

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  1. Forgetting the dates

Guys claim that they are gifted with sharper brains than girls (which we strongly disagree), then how could they forget the important dates? We remember the birthdays of your entire family and you can’t even match our levels by knowing at least our anniversary date? This is being an irony, you brainy creatures.

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  1. Canceling the plans

irritating things our boyfriends do


Planning a date or a vacation requires so many efforts on our side, as we decide the place, outfits, and everything. And you simply ruin this at the end. This won’t work all the time. Excuses about the work are lame for us because we are also related to the corporate world and we know how it works.

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  1. One word replies


What freaks out any girl the most is the one-word replies to our long messages and conversations. We are making the efforts by typing a really long text to get a positive response and not to get a lame reply which makes no sense. Why you do this, guys?

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  1. Going too fast and fast

Boys have the habit of getting ready first and then they cannot wait for their girls to get ready. They want the girls to get ready faster too. You guys do all your bits on getting ready and somehow you are quicker and then you want us to match your intensity in getting ready?

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  1. Being argumentative and not accepting it

irritating things our boyfriends do


We understand that you too can get hyper when there is a heated argument between the two of us but when we are sorting the things out with you are on a higher side then you should accept your fault. You want to be argumentative and then you also don’t want to accept it. Now that’s rude.

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  1. Getting paranoid while shopping

Okay, so you have to deal with us sometime? There are various facts we don’t like about you but we adjust on that. So why can’t you stay calm and composed while you are out with your girl for shopping? We love to shop and we love to explore, and that would take time. *Pity this puppy face now*

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  1. Forgetting to text back

If we send you a text that says ‘I shall call you after the lunch’ then this text deserves a reply back. We know you are well-versed and you have got what we wanted to convey but a nice reply never hurts anyone. Keep a check on it next time.

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