Know If It Is The Right Time To Breakup With Him, For The Love Of God!

A relationship is incomplete without healthy fights and arguments. But if these arguments go on an extra level and happen every time with you guys, then, you need to be cautious about your relationship. If you are hating him or he just annoys you all the time, we feel these are not good signs. Yes, it is the time to think and talk with him regarding the breakup if you face these issues in your relationship.

P.S – We do not intend you to raise brows on your relationship with these points. Just be smart and see if these happen to you often, and decide accordingly.

  1. Hell lot of trust issues



Love is all about faith, trust, and loyalty. If you have to spy him all the time and keep a check on his locations, last seen, his social media and his friend circle, then there is a problem. You need to figure out these things. One cannot live happily forever doing these silly and torturous things for life. It is high time to stop and sit and talk about it.

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  1. No phone calls in this free bill era

Lack of communications is always a major reason for the relationships to suffer. It’s okay if those texting nights are no more a scenario in your life anymore. But, at least healthy, regular and willing calls have to happen between the two of you. If this is not happening, what are you guys doing together?

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  1. You are no more bothered about the fights



Remember the days when even the smallest fight between the two of you bothered you the most? But, now none of you cares about the fights and even worse none of you care to either end it or solve it.

Do you think this is going to be a successful relationship this way? This is something really serious on which you have to talk about.

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  1. Spending time with each other is a stress for you

Now, this is something really very serious and you must think about it. What is left in a relationship if you don’t want to meet and spend some time with your partner? This could be the worst thing that is happening to you in a relationship, and we believe, it is high time to end it here.

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  1. Future talks don’t happen anymore



It can happen because of various reasons like you both are unsure of each other, not ready to commit or due to other serious issues. The simple rule of thumb is – if you do not consider someone worthy enough to imagine your future with them, what good it is to invest your time in them?

  1. Serious breaking up scenes have been a part already



If you have already thought about breaking up with your bae a few times earlier and have even thought of it seriously, we believe you are somehow ready for this thing. Instead of just stretching things and making it worse, it might be the right time to break up.

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  1. You find yourself flirting with others

Well, are you getting notorious and sexier in life? Accepting drinks at the bar, going out for a coffee or just random FaceTime sessions with someone without letting your boyfriend know? Well, you have already moved on, and it is the right time to make it official.

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