7 Life Lessons Every 20 Something Girl Should Learn From Alia Bhatt

Alia Bhatt is the new reigning queen of Bollywood and she has gained this position with immense hard work. She is a person who is brave with her career choices and is very smart and intelligent to pick the best movies at the initial stage of her career. Alia has a massive follower list on her Instagram and she has a strong fan base in the country just at the age of 24. There is so much that every 20 something girl can learn from Alia and be successful.

  1. Slay the mockery just by laughing

alia bhatt

Source: Student of the Year

Alia has been the major victim of the twitteratis’ trolls. She is massively trolled for her IQ level. But she has always maintained a positive side towards this by laughing at her joke. She has always taken this positively and felt that this has only contributed to her popularity.

Lesson learned: We must learn to take all criticism and mockery and act like a boss in such situations.

  1. Brave in her career choices

alia bhatt

Source: Alia on Instagram

Alia has been doing great movies right from the start. She has won a Filmfare award for the best actor (critics) for her second movie. A few of her films have also joined 100 crore club. She has never let criticism and or success rule her head, and has been great at choosing movies.

Lesson learned: No matter what it takes, adhere to your life goals and make sure that you achieve them.

  1. Determined and hardworking

Alia always wanted to be an actor. She didn’t have any backup plan. This shows how much determined and ambitious she was. Within a short time span of 5 years, she has proved to be an amazing actress.

Lesson learned: Stay determined and ambitious, always!

  1. Earn, save and splurge

Alia bhatt


Alia is just 24 and she has a house of her own. Isn’t that amazing? This shows that age is just a number when you want to pursue your dreams. The sky is the limit for those who want to do big.

Lesson learned: Work hard in the right direction to live the lifestyle you have always wanted.

  1. Family comes first

alia bhatt

Source: Alia on Instagram

Alia is someone who is very close to her family and friends. She has not kept her relationships at stake. She gives us major family and friendship goals.

Lesson learned: She inspires us to be intact with her loved ones always.

  1. Humble team leader

alia bhatt

Source: Alia on Instagram

Alia like all the Bollywood stars has a team of few people whom she leads by being the most humble boss. She never misses an opportunity to thank her team for the support and the hard work, be it on social media or during interviews.

Lesson learned: Success and stardom should never change you as a person. Stay grounded, and never underestimate the hard work of the people who were always there to support you.

  1. Stay fit

alia bhatt

Source: Alia on Instagram

Follow Alia on Instagram and you would know how big fitness freak Alia is. She never misses her workout sessions and she is very determined to stay healthy.

Lesson learned: Do not compromise with your health no matter how busy you are!

These were some of the great life lessons which superstar Alia Bhatt gives us, directly or indirectly. We love you to the bits, Alia, and thank you for giving goals and aspirations to every 20 something girl.

Pooja Singh

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