9 Cute Ways To Lift Up Your Bae’s Mood When He Is Feeling Low

Do you hate seeing *him* upset? Is the entire vibe low when he is sad? This seriously bothers, right? We all hate when he does not joke and annoys us with his adorable, irritable and irresistible habits. This is the right time to show some magic and lift his mood instantly. We’ll tell you how! Here are seven ways in which you can lift up your bae’s mood when he is not in his element and make him get back to your *happy* place.

  1. Play who knows who better

The trick here is to divert his mind and let him get lost in you. All you need to do is play a game where you can prepare some questions and ask each other about yourselves. You just need to ask him ten questions about yourself and check his answers. Don’t go on asking your favorite color or your food because he already knows them. Ask some interesting and tricky questions. Also be gentle with him and keep your questions easy and tricky. This would make him get indulged in your game and also he will win it which will make him happy.

However, make sure that you’re not bogging him down with some useless stuff which is sure to worsen his mood.

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  1. Plan his favorite activity

lift up your bae's mood


You love watching movies, but he loves watching IPL? Are you opposites of each other? Well, use this to your advantages and plan an activity which he loves but you hate. This will make him surprised and at the same time excited that he will be doing that particular thing with you. Also, this would make him happy that you are trying hard to lift up his mood.

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  1. Call over his friends

lift up your bae's mood


Boys are the happiest when they are with their friends. They may be in any mood but their friends are their ultimate entertainment pack. So, call his friends without informing him and organize a very small party for them. He will be amazed and happy to see them all together. He will speak up, enjoy, laugh and his mood will be instantly changed. You can make him even happier by serving them coffee and snacks. Let them have their time.

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  1. Take him to a movie

. You can easily lift up your bae’s mood by taking him to a movie of his choice. He will forget all his worries, and for once, would start afresh. Or, if he is not in the mood of going out, download his favorite show, and binge watch.

  1. Order his favorite food

lift up your bae's mood


If you are away from him or maybe you guys are in a long distance relationship, all you can do is order his favorite food from his favorite restaurant or from any takeaway place and get it delivered to him at his address. Trust me, girls, food is the ultimate solution to all stress. And if you order for him staying miles away, he will obviously feel special. If he is feeling extremely low, ask his friends to join him for a nice time and let them enjoy their supper.

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  1. De-stress him by removing tension

Everyone wants to share their stress and tension with someone they love or trust. Apart from anything else, the one thing that will distress him is asking his problem. Make him so comfortable and reliable that he pours out everything which is in his heart. Make him feel that you are available and you want to listen. Hence, he would obviously speak up and you can help him sort everything by explaining him. This is also one of the best ways to lift up your bae’s mood. He might need a shoulder to lean on when they are low, so make sure you provide that shoulder to him.

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  1. Keep your cuddling game strong

lift up your bae's mood


Who doesn’t love to be pampered and spoilt? Just hug him and say things would be better if he smiles. Just give him an assurance that once he smiles all his stress would be gone and when he does it, just tempt him by saying “Oh god. You already melted my heart and so where does even the stress stand, it will melt too”. These words really work and he will feel that he is being loved and wanted. Cuddle with him the way he likes.

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  1. Write him lovey-dovey note

Let him know how much you love him, and that you’re always with him, no matter what! This would surely ease him, and make him feel better.

  1. Give him some space

lift up your bae's mood


If he chooses not to open up, give him his space, and do not force him to share with you. Just tell him that you’re here for him if at all he wants to share anything.

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