Lip To Lip Kiss: Here Is How To Make The Most Of It!

Lip to lip kiss should be passionate, adorable and fun. Kissing is the start of the other things and hence, kissing should be extremely intimate as well as both of you must bond over your kiss to the fullest.

There is no hard and fast rule of kissing and even if there was any, I am pretty sure just taking the knowledge would never have been enough. It is all about the practice and no matter how much expert you are at it, there is always a room for improvement.

Also, lip to lip kiss is not only about you, but more about your partner. It is very important to see how well he responds to your every move and you must be flexible with that.

Saying this, here are some tips we thought to share with you so that you can make the most of your lip to lip kiss. No, we are not professionals nor do we always nail it, but let us all learn together. Let us learn the art of fancy love.

  1. Work on the aesthetics, first

lip to lip kiss


Well, what we intend to say is be prepared for it even if it is going to be at the last second. Have a handy mouthwash, mint, mouth freshener, freshener spray or anything with you so that you can do it last minute.

You would never want your partner to know what you had for dinner or any such gross thing, right?

  1. Slow and steady wins the race

Kissing is not a race and you don’t have to think that you need to make all the moves first to prove that you are a great kisser. So, you need to slow down in your move as well as in your mind.

Start with making passionate eye contact and go slow. See how they are performing and respond to their move.

  1. Check your position

lip to lip kiss


If you have never kissed before, one question that might pops up in your head is whether nose comes in between or not. But, when you do it, you know that nothing of that sort happens because you blend in with your pose automatically for having the best kiss possible.

Lift your chip up and tilt your face to the opposite side of your partner and start.

  1. Be really passionate

Stop over thinking and stop being a robot. Do not mind the steps one by one in your head. This could ruin the mood and instead of enjoying, you will end up being calculative.

So, a better idea is to remain passionate and indulged at the moment. Enjoy as it is the best moment of your life and you will nail it.

  1. Mind your tongue and his too

Who will use the tongue first? This is something we all question to ourselves when we are in that moment. Again there is no rule for it, you can be the first one to use your tongue but do not go overboard with it.

Getting over-enthusiastic with the tongue moves can ruin your entire moment. Brush the lower lip area and the teeth line and play with it.

  1. Use your hands, right

lip to lip kiss


Don’t keep your hands unused at all. They should not be hanging by your sides for God’s sake. Use them for doing the best things like caressing his hair, pulling him closer, hugging him and a lot more.

He should know how interested you are in this role. These actions would give him more interest in you.

  1. Please do not be sloppy at all

lip to lip kiss


Kissing them all over and making their face wet is never pleasant. This will never excite your partner at all. Instead, it can be irritating and not so pleasant. Stick to kissing the lips and avoid slobbering.

Featured Image: Pexels

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