#LittleTale: I Believed In Hard Work But Destiny Had Something Else In Mind

So, it all started with my first love – the love for studies! I was good at academics, along with co-circular activities. From being the head girl of the school to the most preferred student of our Sister (did I mention I was a conventee? Well, yes, I was), I excelled in all aspects.

And that’s when I dreamt of clearing the top-notch Engineering examination of our country – IIT. Those days, we didn’t use to have 2 separate exams as we have now. Nor, the marks of 12th used to be as important as they are today. I had made my mind to clear IIT since when I was in 9th standard. Soon, as expected, I cleared my 10th boards with flying colors (No, we didn’t have a grading system at that time).

I was always a self-study kinda student – no coachings and no tuitions. And so, I thought I would start preparing for IIT on my own. I toiled hard – I used to attend my school till 2, come back at 3, take rest and start studying till 12midnight, with a few breaks in between.

Those 2 years were the best years of my life as I was spending my maximum time in what I liked the most – studying. Spring was approaching, and my exam was just a few days away.

I gave my best, but the way my exam went, I was almost sure, I won’t be able to clear it. It was tough, really tough. But, nothing could lower down my spirits. My parents wanted me to take admission in other colleges that were available, but I didn’t want to settle for less. I dropped a year and started preparations again with full vigor.

This time my paper went well, and I was sure to make it. The results came, and I missed it just because of 1 mark in Chemistry.

Surely, it broke me down. That was the worst failure, and the worst that could happen to me. But nevertheless, I’m doing well now. I am satisfied that at least I gave my 100% to whatever I have always wanted. At the end, it is the god’s will!

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