#LittleTale: I Graduated From A Not-So-Big College, But That Was Not The End!

My life actually took a U-turn when I was done with my school. It is not that I was missing my comfort zone, my friends, my teachers, and my everyday routine. But, what surrounded me most was the uncertainty. I have been a mediocre student, and that’s why I feel, I was all the more puzzled.

Choosing a college, a professional course, the best city was so hectic that it almost took a toll on my health. My friends and classmates were doing pretty well in their respective lives which further exaggerated my sorrows. I was not even sure, what I’m going to opt for, while others were already sorted.

Being from a small town, I had an added pressure on my head to move onto a big city. But, moving onto a big city comes at its own cost. How could a girl as dependent on her parents head on to a new city? Leaving behind the hometown, parents, friends, family, and the house was not going to be easy.

I still remember; there were hardly any days when we slept peacefully. I didn’t want to waste my year on the one hand and didn’t want to take admission in an average college, on the other.

Everything was so tough, that I soon began realizing – how worst it is to grow up. Although I applied in dozens of college, the cut-off lists of each of them only added to my worries. When I had almost made my mind that I won’t be able to make it this year, I found my name in one of the honorable colleges of Pune. Finally, I did it! It was not exactly what I wanted as it was far away from my town, but, it was definitely a ray of hope.

Yes, it was not easy. It can never be easy at least initially for any student at that moment. But everyone has to be strong and be dedicated to their studies and career. But at the end, all that matters is how well you framed and supported yourself.

Believe me, it is not the college which makes you, it is your sincere effort and hard work during your college years which make and define you! Today, as I sit after securing appreciable funding from my investors, I realize how silly I was to get under stress a few years back.

Zindagi badi hai, you never know, what’s next! Keep doing the good work, and forces will be with you.

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