You Know You’re in a Long Term Relationship When…

So you have been dating him for years now? And the chemistry between you guys is totally different from what it was in the first month of your relationship, no? It is more of a constant and stable love rather than a passion. Well, congrats, you are in a long-term relationship now. *Smiles*

  1. Just a single look is enough to communicate with him now

long term relationship


*He is smiling. There is definitely something fishy going on in his mind*

Well, now you are familiar with his facial expressions inside-out and just by having a look at them, you can know what is he going to do next, right?

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  1. You haven’t seen him for two days now, and it is completely fine

long term relationship


You now no longer push him to meet you at 12midnight just because you want to see him before going to sleep. You are all matured now, and so is your relationship with him. Just a five minute FaceTime is enough to make your day. And yes, if you get to see him or he makes a surprise visit, wow, that’s an icing over cake!

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  1. You have basically gifted everything to him till now

long term relationship


You have been through so many anniversaries/birthdays together that now you are short of gifts, and so, you didn’t gift him anything last birthday, and that’s nothing to complain about. Quality time spent together was what you both cherished. Well, that’s the beauty of a long term relationship.

  1. You no more need to update him about every minute detail

… including what you had for dinner, what you are wearing today and so on. You both are in a matured relationship and you have your own little world, of course, your boyfriend is the major part of it – but definitely NOT it!

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  1. You have accepted him wholeheartedly, and so has he!

long term relationship


You both have seen ups and downs, have seen him at 8pm and at 8am too! You are not shy to tell him about his bad breath and there is nothing that grosses you out anymore.

  1. You both are together, and just having a nap

Yes, sex is no more a critical requirement. You will go to his place and would just cuddle together and sleep – and feel on top of the world.

  1. You know how to cheer him up

You are now basically familiar with every action of him and know perfectly what can cheer him up instantly, all thanks to the long term relationship. A movie marathon or cricket highlights – you’ll do anything to make him happy.

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  1. Unshaved legs, no makeup, and PJs

…. you have been around him in red carpet look and the ultimate lazy look, and he still loves you the same. You were a princess for him, and would stay forever.

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  1. You know how to avoid a meaningless argument

Relationship matters more to you than anything. And so, you avoid getting into meaningless arguments just because of the heat of the moment. You are now an expert in making him ready for all your wishes, and also know the right time to bring forward the proposal. Maybe, this is why he loves you more than ever!

  1. You value his career goals. He values yours.

long term relationship

You may or may not be in the same field, and may or may not be that serious for your career. Whatever the situation may be, you know he is there for you always and so you are! This is the reason why you are with him in a long term relationship, you see?

  1. Is he more than a boyfriend?

long term relationship


Well, like a brother? Err, no? But definitely more than a boyfriend! He is a brother and lover combined. Err, brother, friend and a boyfriend combined. Maybe he is a husband, not yet? He is a perfect life-mate. Isn’t he?

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