Hate Love Handles? Here Are Simple Ways To Get Rid Of Them

Let’s admit how much we hate that extra fat around the stomach area which bulges out at the sides and gets highlighted to a great extent by the wrong clothing choices. We all hate them! But, if you seriously want to get rid of love handles and want to flaunt a flawless figure, here is a quick list of things that you can do:

  1. Wear high waist bottoms

love handles


If you have a smaller waist than at the hips, wearing high-waist bottoms can help you hide your love handles. It is highly recommended to select a bottom such that it fits above the belly button.

Or you can select bottoms that have at least two buttons, or the ones that have thick waistbands and are higher at the back than at the front, as they would help you hide the awkward area.

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  1. Experiment with various shirt styles

love handles


It is highly recommended to include kimono style shirts, kaftans and dresses and wrap shirts in your wardrobe as they are more flattering and helpful for girls who require extra room in the middle. They would divert the attention from love handles.

  1. Avoid wearing body-hugging clothes

The best way to hide love handles is by staying away from body-hugging clothes as they would make your waist more prominent. Wearing clingy and tight tops would expose your love handles more, specifically when they are worn with unflattering and tight bottoms.

Certain fabrics like satin and polyester and anything that clings to your body should be avoided.

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  1. Avoid wearing underwear which is too tight

Tight underwear especially the ones that have thin waistbands or straps ought to cut into your flesh and make the love handles look bigger. So with tight bottoms, choose underwear which has a higher waist and thicker waistband.

  1. Wear a statement necklace

Wearing eye-catchy accessories can also distract the attention away from the love handles. There are various ways by which this can be achieved. An attractive and unique neckpiece can help to draw attention to your neck and keep the eyes off the waist area. You should avoid wearing neckpieces that are long because they would draw the attention back to the waist area.

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  1. A sweater can be tied around the waist

love handles


Another effective way could be to tie the sleeves of any top or shirt around the waist to hide the love handles as the sleeves would cover up the excessive bulging around the waist.

  1. Stand up straight

As you slouch, the shoulders move forward and the belly compresses and this will make the love handles look more prominent. Back and shoulders should be always kept straight. Also, try to keep the head in line with the body. Proper posture will also help to alleviate headaches and back pain.

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  1. Do exercise and cardio

Love handles can also be taken care of by exercising but sometimes it’s not possible to target a particular area. It is highly recommended to choose the exercises which help to remove excessive fat near the waist. These include Swimming, Running, Jogging and Cycling.

  1. Prefer wearing A-line dresses

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A-line dresses are preferable over tight-fitted apparel. Straight fits attract attention towards the stomach area. A-line dresses, skirts or gowns work best for the flabby waistline and hip area.

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  1. Try to ditch the belt

Try to skip wearing belts, especially the big and oversized ones. Wearing tight belts over the hips make the love handles look even more prominent because it often makes the side flab spill over the trouser. Prefer wearing a belt that is thin and a sleek one which is not tugged into the waist.

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