7 Questions to Ask When You Meet Your Gynecologist For The First Time

Have you never met your gynecologist ever yet? Well, the first meetings with your gynecologist can be a bit intimidating. And with such circumstances at place, you might even forget as to what you should ask when you meet your gynecologist for the first time. Or it might be that you are not sure if you should ask these questions or not. Oh! Don’t worry.

  1. When should I visit a gynecologist for the first time?

meet your gynecologist for the first time


Yes, you need to find the answer to this question even before you schedule a meeting with her. Doctors often recommend you to switch from a pediatrician to a gynecologist once you have turned 18 or have become sexually active. However, if there are any issues with your vagina, you can meet them earlier too.

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  1. What will a gynecologist do?

meet your gynecologist for the first time


Are you about to meet your gynecologist for the first time? Most gynos will make you feel comfortable if it is your first visit and will guide you throughout the check-up process. However, meeting gyno for the first time can be a bit jittery, and thus it is better to go prepared beforehand. Commonly, there are 4 kinds of examinations that are been conducted. A physical examination measuring your blood pressure, height and weight, a breast examination wherein doctor will touch your breasts with their fingers to check if any discharge or susceptible lumps are there. Doctor might further go for a pap smear in which old cells are scraped from the cervix and a pelvic examination in which doctor would check your vagina.

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  1. Why does my vagina smell so much?

meet your gynecologist for the first time


If you are particularly worried about the weird smell that you get down there, well put it in front of her when you meet your gynecologist for the first time without giving a second thought. Chances are high that there is nothing to worry about as all vaginas smell a bit, but the too much weird smell can sometimes indicate certain illness. Whatever it is, it is always satisfactory to get your doubts cleared.

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  1. Why it (could be anything that you feel about) happens during sex?

Don’t accept any displeasure that you might face during sexual intercourse. It is often a good idea to talk about that with your gyno. Even if it is pain, lack of orgasm or anything else, let your gyno give you an answer and suggest you a solution for that.

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  1. Which birth control is the best for me?

iI you have an active sex life or are thinking to start soon, you definitely need to have some birth control mechanism in place. Ask your doctor what would be the best alternative on the basis of what they have suggested in past. If you are not sure, you can also ask more about birth control methods when you meet your gynecologist for the first time.

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  1. Why it pains so much during periods?

Don’t accept period cramps as a sign of healthy body. Although there might be an underlying issue, but you never know! It is always valid to talk about the period cramps when you first meet with your gyno. Probably this might indicate some bigger issue, or this might not be the case.

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  1. How should I clean my vagina?

That’s a question we all have in our mind. It is always better to ask your gyno about the proper cleaning method. She might suggest you wash it with lukewarm water or might prescribe a special mild soap for that.

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