9 Grave Mistakes That Ruin Your Haircut

There are hardly a few girls who leave salon satisfied after getting a haircut. Well, it is not necessary that your hairstylist is at fault every time. Let’s face it: we all are guilty of making mistakes that ruin our haircut. But, not anymore!

  1. Waiting too long for getting a haircut

mistakes that ruin your haircut


You might want to flaunt long hair and that’s why you keep on delaying your hair cut sessions. But, girl, the more you wait for having a haircut, the more length your hair stylist might have to chop off. By waiting too long, you invite too many split ends. As a result, hair stylists have to cut a longer length to keep them healthy. Moral: schedule your haircut appointment every 6-8 weeks.

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  1. Not explaining your requirements

This is one of the deadliest mistakes that ruin your haircut. If you want to get a haircut quite similar to your requirements, it is essential that you get specific, and bring at least two photos of the kind of haircut that you want. Simply asking your hair stylist to cut two inches off would surely provide you something you are not crazy about.

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  1. Forgetting that your hair get short after they dry

mistakes that ruin your haircut


Yes, remember that your hair would surely get shorter by 1 to 2 inches after drying. This might save you from post- haircut complaints. Okay, the length only when you’re sure that you would be okay with it even when your hairs are dry. There is a way difference in the length and texture of your hair when they are wet and dry respectively. Don’t keep it on your hair stylist as he might not remember that even if you are going to him for years.

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  1. Neglecting your hair type

It is essential that you keep your hair style in mind while choosing a hairstyle. Simply connecting your emotions with blunt bangs when you have tight curly locks would land you nowhere. It is essential that you take inspiration only from photos which have the same hair type as yours so that the final results are in line with your expectations.

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  1. Taking scissors in your hand

mistakes that ruin your haircut


Thinking to DIY? Well, it might be one of the mistakes that ruin your haircut. No matter, how easy the task of hair styling might seem, remember that it is not easy at all. It is better that you keep certain things for professionals only. And so, re-tuning your bangs on your own is definitely a bad idea! What if you cut them too short or just too diagonally? If you are still on your toes to cut it yourself, familiar yourself with YouTube videos and cut under the supervision of professionals, just to be sure.

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  1. Leaving it totally on your hairstylist

mistakes that ruin your haircut


Well, yes, your hairstylist might be doing their work and it might be a bit awkward for you to interfere them in between, but if you think that things are not going right, it is better to bring them this to your attention. You’re definitely attached with your locks, and it is better

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  1. You’re too scared to try new hairstyles

mistakes that ruin your haircut


Are you carrying your same hairstyle for past 10 years now? Well, it is the great time to change your style if you expect some positive makeover after your haircut.

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  1. You have unrealistic expectations

mistakes that ruin your haircut


Undoubtedly, your hair would never look so well styled and polished as they look once you leave the salon. You need proper styling for your hair to look like your dreams, every day! Your hairs have your own flow and fighting against the flow is like having unrealistic expectations. Definitely, it is not one of the mistakes that ruin your haircut, but, yes, don’t expect a magic out of your haircut, as you would ultimately have to handle them on your own.

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