10 Mistakes You Need To Avoid When Getting A Tattoo

Getting a tattoo is definitely one of the big moments of your life. You’re finally going to get that particular symbol/design etched in your body forever, and we understand you, it is the moment to be completely happy about it. But, a few mistakes when getting a tattoo can hamper your entire experience, and contribute to the pain. Fret not, we just got you covered. Let’s have a quick look on all those mistakes that you should avoid while getting  a tattoo.

  1. Drinking alcohol

getting a tattoo


No doubt, alcohol is bad for our health, no matter; at what time you consume it. But, it is especially bad for you before getting a tattoo. This is because alcohol thins out our blood, and this would mean that you would bleed a bit more than usual while getting the tattoo done.

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  1. Not eating beforehand

Face it, getting a tattoo is going to be painful, and so keep your tummy full to help yourself withstand the pain. Further, since you will be probably sitting in the chair for two to three hours, and are more likely to get hungry. Take a full meal and make the things easier for you.

  1. Not talking about any allergies that you might have

Getting a tattoo done is a super sensitive thing, which might pain you a bit, and thus it is always better to think of any allergies that you might have before starting the process. Talk with your tattoo artist regarding the probable allergies, and they will be able to suggest a proper solution beforehand.

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  1. Getting a tattoo done just randomly

getting a tattoo


This is going to be a permanent mark on your body, which would stay with you forever. Make sure that you are well-prepared for it, and are just not running into the parlor in hurry. Think about it for months, zero down a proper design instead of choosing any symbol randomly.

  1. Going for a cheap tattoo artist

Everything comes for a price, and you definitely won’t like to take any chances with your tattoo which would get etched on your body forever. Don’t get attracted to a deal which feels super light in your pocket, as there might be something fishy in it. Read the reviews of the artist properly, and select a parlor after conducting proper research.

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  1. Going on a beach vacation right away

Your artist would inform you about it, but just in case they haven’t, stay away from water as much as possible. Avoid submerging your tattoo too much into the water as this would irritate it, and slow down the healing process.

  1. Hitting the gym

Yes, we fully understand your need of flaunting your tattoo, but, just avoid doing it in the name of exercising. Exercising means sweat, which is salty, and this for sure is going to irritate you at the affected area. Stay away from exercising until your tattoo is fully developed.

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  1. Not using SPF

Avoid using any creams on your tattoo after getting it done, and keep it covered by wearing loose clothing. But, once your tattoo has started healing and it is like two to three weeks, always wear SPF over it, just to protect it from the sun, and this would surely keep your tattoo fresh for a longer time.

  1. Picking it

getting a tattoo


Avoid picking your skin, no matter how much it itches. The more you itch, the worse it will get. Let it settle itself.

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  1. Not using a tattoo balm

A good tattoo balm would prevent your tattoo from being flaky, and would help you in maintaining it for years to come!

Top Image & Featured Image: Pexels