10 Movies Every Girl Should Watch With Her Father

So, like us, do you also believe that dedicating just one day is not enough for your Father? How about dedicating an entire week? And so, we are here with an exciting idea to celebrate a whole week with your father this Father’s day with a range of exotic movies. Watch one movie daily, or go on a movie marathon – let him know how much you love him.

  1. Piku

Movies Every Girl Should Watch With Her Father


Piku is one of the best movies you should definitely watch with your dad. This movie depicts the wonderful relationship that every daughter shares with her father. We’re sure this movie will take you on a roller-coaster ride of emotions which will surely bring you closer to your dad.

  1. Dawaat E Ishq

This is a rom-com but the story revolves around the mischievous activities done by a father and his daughter. This movie shows that the love between a father and a daughter can be the greatest and together a father-daughter duo can actually rock the world.

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  1. 50 First Dates

10 Movies Every Girl Should Watch With Her Father


We’re so much in love with this amazing movie. The story depicts all heroic deeds a dad does for her overgrown daughter who suffers from critical memory loss. Definitely, parents suffer the most if their kids are suffering from anything.

  1. Black

10 Movies Every Girl Should Watch With Her Father


This is yet another beautiful story which you need to watch with your dad. The relationship shown between a blind girl and his mentor is very emotional and captivating and would make you emotional for sure.

  1. 2 States

10 Movies Every Girl Should Watch With Her Father


Well, if you have anything great on your mind or have to introduce any guy to your parents, then you must have a good start by showing them this movie. This story is definitely going to move them. #TimeToPlaySmart

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  1. Pk

If you think this is only a story of an alien who lands on earth and is lost, then you have probably not known the entire concept. It also shows the relationship between a father and his daughter. A daughter is seeking her father’s lost love and this movie will definitely win you some extra brownie points from your father.

  1. Dear Zindagi

10 Movies Every Girl Should Watch With Her Father


Dear Zindagi is a touching story of a girl who fights with her issues in her 20s. She constantly wants to be with her parents when she was a kid but she has been kept away. Now when she is grown up and angry with them, her parents aren’t able to understand her behavior. This is a wonderful movie something every girl must watch no matter what relationship you share with your parents.


  1. Yaadein

This is a story your father would definitely love, and would definitely communicate a message to him that no matter what you’re always with him. The movie revolves around a father and his three daughters who immensely love each other. There are several ups and downs and struggles which the father faces but the daughters prove to be his strength, always.

  1. Kya Kehna

This is a happy family story. The story is centered on a girl who is loved and pampered by her family like crazy. But certain things happen after which the girl is asked to leave the house and the emotional turmoil which everyone faces, as a result, is worth watching.

  1. Father Of The Bride

10 Movies Every Girl Should Watch With Her Father


This is again, one of the movies which every girl should watch with her father. It is comical yet full of emotions. It is a must-watch movie with your dad, anytime in your life. The way the relationship is shown in the movie is very cute and it is really nice to see how a father attempts to deal with the preparations for his daughter’s wedding.

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