#MovieThoughts: 10 Awesome Things Tamaasha Movie Taught Us

Bollywood is all about being filmy but some masterpieces remain in our heart, soul, and mind forever.

One such intelligently-created movie is Tamaasha where Imtiaz Ali finely showcased how messy life turns out to be when an individual doesn’t remain their own self. Also, the movie shows how important it is to have a life partner who knows you inside-out.

The movie, its dialogues, its scenes, its songs, all are etched in our heart and we can never have enough of this movie. Here are some of the things this movie taught us like a life teacher.

1. Do not lose yourself while adulting

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Even if we aren’t whatever we wanted to be, we must not lose ourselves in the adulting process. Tara and Ved lived their life with freedom when they were in Corsica, remember? Their mantra was what happens in Corsica stays in Corsica and they did not want to burden their holidays with the regular stuff.

2. Follow your passion and chase your dreams

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This was the most realistic thing that this movie taught us. We all have dreams, we all have passions, but not all of us have guts. Be gutsy to be real.

3. Take a trip to that destination that you always dreamed of, all alone

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Cliche but true and also Tara-approved! Taking a trip alone to a place means getting to showcase your personality to yourself. It is such a brave thing to do for yourself and discover your hidden traits.

4. Be vocal about your feelings

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Tara went behind Ved like this is the only life she has. Wow! That was brave. You have to do things to make them happen . Be it her first-time expression of love or the time she found him in Delhi, and even while he proposed her, she was real and vocal. She did not settle for what is happening.

5. Do not run away or hide your individuality

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Ved was a storyteller and he loved that. He changed himself because he was caught up in a 9 to 5 as that was the only option he had. He was every day running from what he actually was. It drastically his personality, looks, and also the way he behaved.

6. Never give up on someone you love until you have tried it to the fullest

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Wasn’t Ved extremely mean, selfish, rude, and toxic for Tara? Did she give up from the start? No, instead she gave him time to heal and understand himself. She tried until the time she could. Got to learn these kids.

7. Listen to your partner

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Or someone who genuinely cares about you. They have a lot of good things to explain about you that you might be taking for granted.

8. It’s never too late for anything

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The movie was an epitome to prove that age is just a number not for celebrating birthdays but for chasing what you love. It is okay to have wasted some years of your life not doing what you want but if you are ready now, go for it.

9. Convince your parents a little more to understand your dreams

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We all do this, we all have done this. Ved too did that. But not as convincingly as he did at the end. It is not about how you want to convince but how badly you want them to understand.

10. Life is not a race, it never was

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Remember those lines where Ved talked about the rat race of life? He explained how we are aimlessly running without any intention of coming first or second. In spite of the race, we are all mediocre and still running. What is the point?

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