7 Stationery Items That Are Too Cute To Flaunt

Do you have more stationery than you can even use? Stationery might be a commodity for some, but it is the necessity for you! And this is the reason that you need to visit a stationery shop at least once a week, the same way other girls visit malls, just because stationery is too cute to ignore. You already have a bunch of cute stationery, and keep longing to add more. Is that you? Well, here is a quick and cute stationery collection you won’t be able to say no to! Check out.

  1. A trendy bookmark – because you need to take 5 minutes break every 10 minutes


Buy it here for Rs 399

Yes, we got you! Studying is boring, and this funky bookmark can at least give a reason to open your book yet again when you are on a study break.

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  1. A flowery pen stand – to store your pens and stationery neatly


Buy it here for Rs 550

It would be only injustice towards your stationery when you’re not giving them the enough attention that they deserve! This is why this lovely desk organizer is a must-have to store all your favorite pens and cute pencils you can’t keep your eyes away from!

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  1. A clipboard – to keep your thoughts flowing


Buy it here for Rs 250

No matter what, writing on a clipboard is altogether an entirely different experience. Take your clipboard along with you with pride every time you enter the exam room and let your stationery speak out for you!

  1. A cool backpack – because life is much simpler when you take it easier


Buy it here for Rs 799

And this backpack is a perfect example to relieve out some stress when you are heading towards an important exam, or are a fresher in a college.

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  1. LED clip lamps – when you can’t sleep without reading


Buy it here for Rs 399

Reading might not just be a hobby for you, it might be an ultimate dose without which you cannot sleep at night. Stuck in dark room or have someone sleeping next to you and you just don’t want to disturb? Or, have an assignment to write late at night? Well, this LED clip lamp is all that you need!

  1. A USB notebook – for a tech savvy girl


Buy it here for Rs 1100

Show all your love towards technology with this handy USB notebook which has a flash drive attached to it at its closure.

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7. A funky notebook – because no list is complete without it!


Buy it here for Rs 250

No matter, how many you have, there is always a room for more. Add this pretty notebook to your collection and show off how busy you are with this Busy Sheher notebook!

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Top Image & Featured Image: Pexels.com