Why You Must Never Be Friends With Your Ex Ever!

“If you are still friends with your ex then either you are still in love or never was.”

How correct! Remaining friends with your ex is a big deal. You might not realize but it is. But, you are not completely at fault here. This is because staying is always easy and letting go is tough. Here we will share some strong reasons why you should not stay friends with your ex.

  1. You will still expect a lot from him



Yes and this is for sure. Your brain might be okay with you being friends with him but your heart will take some time to realize and understand this fact.

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  1. You still may have feelings for him or the other way round

Maybe you have ended your relationship for a reason but you may still be loving him or he may be loving you. And staying in touch together will always make things worse.

  1. Clinging on to your ex will never make you move on



You will not really be able to move on in your life. Even if you have ended your relationship, staying in touch with him will make it so much tougher for you guys to move on.

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  1. Your current partner might not be okay

Well, yes, your current partner might not be okay with you being friends with your ex. He might feel insecure with your chemistry and bond with your ex. So, it is better to not have more issues in ‘present’ life.

  1. You may not be able to see other MEN

Being friends with your ex will always limit you and won’t allow you somehow to date other men. Thus, it is important to understand to move on.

  1. You will not like the change



The equation which you share with your ex will be different from the previous equation that you shared with him while you were dating each other. Even if you know that you guys are not in a relationship anymore, this change will affect you.

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