Must-Read For All Girls: Are You In Love Or Is It Just An Obsession?

All girls love Bollywood, right? The answer is obviously yes! Movies and Bollywood are such an integral part of our life. All our fantasies about our marriage, love, friendship, and family, they are all an after effect of what we see in the movies. All being correct, the only bad part is that movies have made love a concept of struggle.

We pretty much feel that loving someone is a tough task, but girls, the fact is that loving someone is not meant to be a struggle; rather it has to be effortless. Love is true and pure. When you are in love; you enjoy your partner’s company. You are happy with them just because who they are.

Most of us fail to judge our feelings. It’s alright, so to help you figure this out, here are some ways to differentiate – are you in love or it is just an infatuation.

  1. Slow, comfortable and easy

are you in love


Real love needs time to grow and does not really strike you with a flash. It is a slow-burning emotion; not an explosion (so probably, what I mean is that love, at first sight, is just a concept, vague – very vague). Love makes you feel comfortable, comfortable with them, with your feelings for them and with all that is around you.

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  1. Physical attraction v/s emotional connection

A physical bond before an emotional bond is a symptom of infatuation. Most of us rush into a sexual relationship before we truly know each other. Being physically together creates an intensity which is often confused with emotional connection. So, if you have known each other for a lot of time maybe by just being friends, and the physical attraction has taken part, later on, it is love.

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  1. Thinking of them

are you in love


When your partner pops up in your mind, how do you feel? Do you get anxious? Your heart rate picks up and you start breathing heavily? Well, if it is so they are really not good signs. A true love will always bring a smile on your face. Their thoughts would make you feel happy and complete irrespective if they are around you or not.

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  1. You go crazy without having words with them

It is a matter of fact that everyone wants to talk to the person they love, but if you cannot go for a few hours without having word with them and you want them to be always talking to you only, it’s a mere obsession.

  1. Jealousy

An obsessive love will always be jealous of each and everything you love and will try to get rid of everything be it an object or a person while a true love will accept everything you love and accommodate them in your life.

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  1. Snooping

are you in love


 If your partner is obsessed with you, they won’t respect your privacy. They will check your phone, running through your contacts and gathering information about you. These are true signs of lack of trust between both of the partners.

So girls, go and find out what your relationship status is! The last thing we would say is that just don’t be overly dependent on your partner for everything in your life. Accommodate but don’t grant yourself. Don’t look for a flawless person, accept the flaws of your guy.

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