#WednesdayGuide: 20 Natural Acne Treatments You Didn’t Know Are So Effective

Your face does speak for yourself before you yourself do so. The skin of your face reflects a great deal of your lifestyle. So, let it shout among the crowd and stand out. And for goodness sake, let time-crunch be not a cover-up for your acne-crammed face. Just splurging on the extravagantly illusory beauty products won’t work! All of these so-called promising creams may save you some extra minutes. However, extra acne would keep on popping up every other day. Wouldn’t it be better to chase your constrained time instead? In other words, why not stick to natural acne treatment and bid a final goodbye to the stubborn acne?

So, are you ready to quell some productive time on learning some natural tips?

  1. A merely changed state of water can change your face

natural acne treatment

Water is life, be in any state. The vapors of heated water can actually precede the embedded acne upon your face and help the face re-live again. Just struggle a bit filling up a container full of water and boiling it adequate enough to see the rising steam. Lastly, wrap the towel around enclosing your hairs, while allowing the steam to wash out the dirt accumulated beneath the acne.

  1. Dab green tea upon your face

Using green tea as a natural acne treatment is a practice followed since ages. Prepare green tea as done conventionally. Allow it to cool down to the temperature healthy for your face. Once cooled, wash your face with it. Green tea is actually an ammunition against the bacteria-causing acne, for it is laden with antioxidant and antimicrobial compounds.

  1. Get hold of aloe gel

The established treatment to soothe burns is aloe gel. Aloe is known for its anti-infection and healing properties. Spoon some aloe gel onto your palm and softly dab it upon the acne and leave it undisturbed for ten minutes. You can wash it off then after.

  1. Wash your pillow case regularly

No matter however tidily you washed your face, but if you lay your head on the unwashed pillow cover, your cleaned face is of no use. This is because your face again comes into contact with the unnoticed filth entrapped in your pillow cover which aggravates your acne. Thus, make it a point to wash your pillow case every week.

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  1. Grate a potato

A potato slice upon your face is better than that of passing it through your taste buds. Potato is enriched with sulfur, phosphorous, potassium and chloride compounds that aid lightening of left-behind scars. The antioxidants in it promote healthy skin cells.

To seek the best results out of this natural acne treatment, grate a potato and squeeze out the juice from its pulp. Rub it in your face and do not interfere for the next 20 minutes. Once dry enough rinse it off with warm water.

  1. A few droplets of lemon juice can be miraculous

natural acne treatment

Vitamin C is profusely present in lemon juice which itself explains the wonders it can do for our skin. Citric acid composed in it helps in exfoliating the dead skin. The notable quality of lemon juice is its astringency which is responsible for the contraction of tissue. This property causes the skin to dry and therefore the blemishes fade away on its own. Extract a few drops from lemon and soak a cotton ball in it. Dab it upon the acne and mix yogurt along only if the alone juice renders a piercing effect on your skin.

  1. Diluted garlic juice is a blessing

Garlic is considered as a wonderful fighter against the acne and is a perfect natural acne treatment. However, don’t commit the mistake of applying garlic juice in its raw form. Dilution is a prior and a compulsory step before you touch it with your skin. The foul order of garlic may be displeasing but fancy the after-effect. After all, all is well that ends well.

  1. They are acne and not the bubbles

natural acne treatment

As soon as acne breaks out, the impulsive tendency is to feel the face too often or pop up the acnes. As if, doing that would do any good to you. Huh? Never, girls. If you so have to keep a tab on acne count, go, seek help from the mirror. Touching your face frequently exacerbate the acne more. Every time your hands intimate with a face, you unconsciously transfer some acne-friendly dirt upon your face.

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  1. Papaya- As bitter for acne as tasty for taste buds

natural acne treatment

Papaya is another best natural acne treatment followed since ages. Some solutions are so much in proximity to us but perhaps unnoticed. Yeah, all you need to do is pull the door of the refrigerator and avail yourself a slice of papaya. Mash it if you want or else rub it directly on your face. For your knowledge, an abundance of the enzyme papain in papaya impedes the formation of pale white pus and inflammation on your face. It also drives out the excess lipids or fats from your face which otherwise might have encouraged the furtherance of acne.

  1. Orange peels are useful

natural acne treatment

The tangy flavor of orange simply hits the tongue of orange-lover. But the often discarded orange peels can hit the acne-causing bacteria which breed upon the dirt accumulated in skin pores. Grind or pestle the peels into powder and form a moderately thick paste out of it. Apply this paste on your face which is a natural face pack for your skin. It not just get you rid of acne but also firms your loose skin.

  1. Banana peels are not meant to linger inside bins

natural acne treatment

This pocket-friendly fruit in itself is a treasure full of rewards another natural acne treatment. Even banana’s peel is an asset for us. Lutein-rich peel of banana recedes the swelling of acne and foster the multiplication of healthy cells in our skin. Rubbing a banana peel on your face is easier than eating it. You simply need to eat up the banana and then smear the peel all over until the entire face is covered.

  1. Apple cider vinegar- The rival of bacteria

Apple cider vinegar is the superlative ingredient when it comes to eliminating bacteria. It is enriched with lactic and malic acid which can cure acne. In other words, it balances the pH of your skin which is actually a pivotal factor in determining the survival of bacteria. Mix vinegar and water in 1:3 ratio respectively and apply it directly on your face. After washing the face, moisturizer’s application is a must-do thing.

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  1. Cinnamon and honey mask is a pure bliss

This couple, honey and cinnamon, is an unmatched. Antimicrobial potential of cinnamon is a bad news for bacteria thriving on your face. Fetch yourself a spoon of cinnamon from your kitchen and mix it along with two spoons of honey and leave it undisturbed for 15 minutes. And then rinse it off.

  1. Try on egg whites for healthy face

natural acne treatment

Proteins and vitamins are profoundly available in egg white and hence justify its boon for skin. Proteins, needless to say, repair skin cells and boost up the renewal of new skin. Egg whites also adsorb excess of oil or sebum from the skin which is actually the food for bacteria. Give no food to bacteria. They die. Hence, the acne too start departing.

  1. Tea tree oil is an effective remedy

natural acne treatment

You must be pondering over how oil can fight against the oil clogged inside your pores. But the two oils are alike. That one from the skin actually dissolves into the tea tree oil is unbelievable but it holds true. Distinct properties of oil lead to such phenomenon. Again a reminder, do not use it undiluted. Dilution is a must-do preceding step.

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  1. Strange but baking soda works

natural acne treatment

Sodium bicarbonate or baking soda is antiseptic in nature which imparts it a quality to fight with bacteria. Not just bacteria, it is detrimental for fungus too. It also drains out excess oil from your face lending your face a supple and smooth touch-up. You need to formulate a thick paste out of it, and hence mix water in accordance. Do not leave it for more than five minutes.

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  1. Aspirin is much more than a pill to swallow

Aspirin is easily available in any chemist shop and the simplest solution to the acne-plagued skin. Dissolve three to four pills in water and apply it on the face. It dries up the pus-filled acne and lessens the inflammation.

  1. Fuller’s earth is good to use

Fuller’s earth is been suggested by our grandmothers since ages! Fuller’s earth is also known as multani mitti. It is exceptionally good for greasy and excessively oily skin. Not unfamiliar are you to the fact that oily skin is more vulnerable to acne. Since, fuller’s earth absorbs oil and gets your face free from unwanted oil, acne automatically comes under control.

  1. Avocado and honey in unison are beneficial

natural acne treatment

Avocado has been a controversial treatment for acne. However, crossing all the hurdles of rumors, it has proved itself as an acne-hater. The nutrients present in it can fight the acne. Just mix 1 avocado mixed with one teaspoon of honey for better combination and results.

  1. Do not miss out on water

natural acne treatment

Minimum of eight glasses of water should not be compromised upon. Mark these words, and say goodbye to acne naturally! What more could you ask for?

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