8 Badass New Year Resolutions You Need To Take This 2017

Be your own kind of badass in 2017 – be who you are and absolutely love yourself for that! Act like a strong woman. Be more confident and empowering than what you were in 2016 with these new year resolutions. Get, set, go!

  1. Being more honest

Let’s make 2017 more of a real and badass year than 2016. Start with being more honest and yet sound elegant when you put forward the things honestly. When your bae asks if you loved a sexual position that you both recently tried, stop nodding your head even when you didn’t like. Be straight forward and let him know that you liked xxx so much more. When your friend asks if her brand new top is looking cool? Be honest and put things as they are instead of molding the things. Be your type of badass!

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  1. Stop saying sorry way too much!

Do you use sorry as a filler word? Avoid saying sorry just to make others feel comfortable or when you need someone’s favor. This is one of the new year resolutions that you definitely need to make! Stop being a girl who says sorry after every 2 seconds! Do not shrink yourself for the opinions of others. Be yourself and say sorry only when it is required and you are really sorry. It not only lowers your self-esteem but doesn’t leave a positive impression on others too!

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  1. Take a stand for yourself

It is equally important to take a stand for yourself as you take for others! Next time a guy lowers your self-esteem, just show the right way to him! A friend talks too harshly or talks behind your walk, call it out. You don’t need to fight a third world war or be angry. There are ways through which you can put things forward without making them sophisticated. Clearly define as to what you will accept and what not.

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  1. Stop being mean

Start loving yourself as a part of your badass new year resolutions! Promise that in 2017 you will avoid negative self-talk and stop body shaming. Stop blaming yourself for every XYZ that happens around. Stop underestimating yourself. Start a self-love journey where you would accept yourself the way you are and be totally okay with it!

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  1. Learn to say no!

Make sure that you start saying NO in 2017, no matter how tough it is. Are you asked to do something and you’re totally drained? Say NO! Don’t want to go to a party and you would instead enjoy reading books at home? Well, why not invite your friend at home and read your favorite books? Yes, doing things for the sake of others once a while is fine, but if you are doing too much YESs, you need to track yourself!

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  1. Stop being a silent viewer

It is high time that we stop being silent and raise our voice against wrong, no matter what! N, we are not saying you to get involved in a conflict, what we are just saying is to stand up against wrong. Is someone molested in public or facing casual racism or body shamed, speak up! It is perfectly badass and a lot more satisfying when you stand up for things that you believe in!

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  1. Stop pretending dumb

We all are guilty of pretending to be dumb even when we know we are smart. But why let the world underestimate you? Stop playing dumb and instead show your real power and enlighten others with knowledge. Don’t act too much humble and start being real, also for your self-esteem!

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  1. Stop being gender stuck

I won’t paint my room pink as that would sound girly! So what? Is it bad to sound girly? Well, not! Would you like to try wrestling but are just taken aback as that’s a male occupied field? Stop bringing gender-related thoughts into your mind and do whatever you want to as if there is no gender discrimination and you are allowed to do anything and everything.

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