6 Steps to Flaunt a Perfect Night Care Routine

So amid all the excitement last night, you actually ditched up your daily night care skin routine. While there also are ladies who have still not figured out what a skin care routine is and are still trying to have a clue! To answer all your prayers, here is a quick guide to making your night time routine a grand success with all the glow and health that you always wanted.

  1. Pick the right products

Picking the right set of products is essential for maintaining a perfect skin care routine, your daytime routine should focus on protecting your skin, while night time skin care routine should be more about strengthening and repair. Your night time beauty products should contain vitamin C and retinol. On the other hand, your daytime regime should include proper cleansing, moisturizing and finally applying sunscreen.

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  1. Include serums in your daily care to restore youth

Serums when applied right after cleansing your face help in restoring normal skin barrier and maintain its elasticity and strength. Hunt around for serums that won’t break your bank and invest in some high-quality products.

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  1. Skipping eye cream is a big no

Eye cream should be an essential part of both your day care and night care regime. The skin around your eye is most delicate skin on our face and handles all the beating while applying and removing makeup and so on.

Invest in a good quality eye cream and you will thank us later over time!

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  1. Choose products in accordance with your skin type

A cream might work for your friend but not for you, just because every person has its own skin type and it is essential to study your skin before making an investment. Oily skin girls would like to use a noncomedogenic moisturizer while drier skin would look to have more hydration.

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  1. Sleep on your back

Yes, ditch that habit of sleeping on your stomach or side sleeping to avoid wrinkles from happening. It might take a bit of time to get used to this habit, but in long run, it definitely pays!

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  1. Avoid one cure-all products

How tempting they might seem, there is no one fit solution for all problems. While coconut oil might seem to be the ultimate solution to all your life’s problems, applying it on the face might clog your skin leading to breakouts.

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