Why You Should Not Apologize For Being Emotional (And How to Embrace It)

“You are so sensitive! Stop crying, he was just a dog”

Sensitive, emotional, delicate… do you often find yourself associated with these words or are these words thrown frequently upon you every time your emotions manage to overflow?

  • “No one understands me”



Well, you actually don’t need anyone to understand you. Do you? You complete yourself. If you shed your tears no matter how hard you try to hold, let them flow. Never ever apologize for shedding your tears. Crying definitely is not a solution to any problem, but if shedding a few tears makes you feel better, go ahead!

  • You are lucky!

In this ever-growing mean world, consider yourself as lucky if you are emotional! You are special if you are able to establish that deep connection with things. Not all are like you; embrace the specialty that you have without any regrets.

  • You are unusually creative

Sensitive people are often able to express their heart out creatively. If you have not explored your creative side yet, make it a point that when you feel like crying, you will work on your creative side. If painting brings your hidden emotions out, grab a paint brush and colors every time you are vulnerable. Writing makes you feel better? Craft short stories and poems – do whatever comforts you, this is far better than shedding tears, no?

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  • You get to connect with people on a much deeper level

Not all are attached with their fellow beings and animals. If your heart skips a beat every time you see an ambulance and you find yourself engrossed in the thoughts as to how the patient in the ambulance would be, believe me, you are one gem of a person. Luckily, you have a unique ability to be empathetic for other people’s sufferings.

  • You foster relationships

Yes, you know what all it takes to connect deeper with people. You tend to delve deeper into the feelings and just dazzling display of one’s looks are not enough for you which is essential to have a meaningful relationship.

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  • Accept yourself



For you are special, pure and have an emotional side. You won’t simply give up on cheating and other nuances. This is what makes you a human being, and you should be proud of!

Embrace it.

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