Why Pink is An Appropriate Excerpt Taken from a Girl’s Life and Why You Need to Watch It?

Pink is not just a movie, it is an emotion, a revolution. Revolution against the patriarchal ideology and age-old thinking. Directed by Anuraddha Roy Chowdhury, the movie is well-articulated throughout and the powerful performances of Amitabh Bachchan, Taapsee Pannu, Kirti Kulhari, Andrea Tariang, Angad Bedi and Dhritiman Chatterjee,  just make it all the more tangible. It is perfect diction of a girl’s life in terms of society’s expectations and inferences. Here are few instances from the movie that will make you relate to every second of it.

  1. When you are threatened for being right



It was a horrible night for all three girls when Meenal lost her control and thrashed a glass over Surjeet’s eye in anger which resulted in serious injuries to him. But this just didn’t stop there. It started a new episode. The boy was lashed by a girl and how far could this be swallowed by Surjeet and his friends? And then started the real torture wherein they started troubling them. The limits were crossed when Meenal was abducted from the park and molested in the car.

Do this not sound like an everyday story for many of us? How many times have we just not replied or thrashed stalkers and eve-teasers just to make sure that baat aage na bade?

  1. When you are judged by the time you return home



All the three girls were working and managed their own livelihood decently, and at times came late at home. This was obscurely judged by their neighbours and society to an extent that one of the neighbours even gave his statement in court against them.

Are we not judged by the time we come home? There are houses wherein girls can’t step out of their home after 9 simply because that is not considered cultural!

  1. The length of your skirt defines your character

Are we not stared twice in busy streets when we wear skirts? Are our dresses not scanned through every time we step out of our home? And this is what happened when girls stepped in Surajkund Resort which made hotel manager made a statement that the girls were not wearing appropriate clothes, and thus, were sex workers.

  1. Are we not judged by the police?



Whether it be ola or uber drivers’ issues or some random other cases, how many times are we judged by our police itself? Police’s main duty is our protection and unfortunately, at times due to political pressure and other internal and external factors, our police succumb to situations and further discourage girls to file a FIR.

The same happened when Meenal approached police to which he advised him to stay away from this as thane k chakkar roj lagane padenge!

  1. That molestation or rape is often considered as a myth

Because Surjeet’s lawyer time and again tried to prove that girls exchanged money in return for sex, and are now giving it a name of molestation.

Have not we encountered situations like these when people easily conclude that girl was giving ‘hint’ to the boys and now acting up?

These were just a few instances of the movie that gripped you so tightly. The movie hits the prevalent stereotypes in the society and finally, concludes with – No. No is not a question. It is a complete sentence. No matter, she is your friend, girlfriend, wife or a sex worker; is she says it no, it is NO, and you must stop!