9 Pretty Maxi Dresses We’re Drooling Over For Rs 1000 Or Less

Wow! Summer is here, and that means a season of oh-so-pretty dresses! Now you no more need to struggle between your overcoat and pretty top that you’re hiding underneath! On the same note, here is a quick list of pretty maxi dresses that are not only budget-friendly but would double up your fashion game too!

  1. Bleed Blue

pretty maxi dresses

Buy it here for Rs 999

Have a brunch to attend or going for a late night movie with friends? This blue striped maxi dress is all that you need! Pair it up with heels, and a choker, and you’re ready to go.

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  1. Beautiful in Black

pretty maxi dresses

Buy it here for Rs 899

We’re completely in *love* with this amazing black maxi dress. Perfect for parties, this is a must-have in the wardrobe of every girl in twenties. Flaunt it with a pair of contrast accessories, and be the star of the show wherever you go!

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  1. Pretty Prints

pretty maxi dresses

Buy it here for Rs 949

The best part of maxi dresses is that you can sport them wherever you go – in markets, parties, brunches and so on (yes, you need to choose them carefully as per the event!). Back to the point, this printed maxi dress in black and white is a convenient pick to wear casually and surely would take your fashion game to a new level.

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  1. Gorgeous Glass Print

pretty maxi dresses

Buy it here for Rs 990

This slim fit maxi length dress with scoop neck is not only comfortable for summer but is also makes a perfect style statement. Style it up with a layered necklace and get ready to make the heads turn!

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  1. Romantic Blue

pretty maxi dresses

Buy it here for Rs 999

This is one maxi dress we’re having our eyes on! This bare shoulder maxi dress with ruffles and the elasticated band is oh-so-sexy! Make your boyfriend go crazy for, thank us later.

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  1. Diva in Red

pretty maxi dresses

Buy it here for Rs 999

This red and white dress is a gorgeous dress you can buy blindly. The white shirt like top with buttoned pockets and red cascades with elastic waist make a perfect evening wear. Pair this hot maxi dress with heels, and you’re ready to go.

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  1. Ravishing Red

pretty maxi dresses

Buy it here for Rs 799

This solid red colored maxi dress is a perfect pick for cocktail parties. Rock it up with a clutch and a trendy wrist watch. Believe us, there is no stopping you!

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  1. Picture Perfect Purple

pretty maxi dresses

Buy it here for Rs 999

This purple maxi dress is a perfect fit for random strolls with your gang of girls. Be comfortable and look chic at the same time. And the best part, the color is vibrant enough, and so you don’t even need to accessorize.

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  1. Enchanting in White

pretty maxi dresses

Buy it here for Rs 799

When in doubt, rely on this white maxi dress. It has a round neck with a keyhole and is not only comfortable but elegant too!

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Featured Image: Dear Zindagi

Top Image: Pexels

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