Preventing Your Kajal From Smudging And Making It Last Longer!

The kajal is one go-to product no Indian girl can do without! But, the fear of smudging hits us all. Be it your oily skin or a humid climate, the kajal tends to smudge, especially during the summers when you sweat a lot. Dear lovelies, worry no more! Here are some tips and tricks that would help you in preventing your kajal from smudging. All it takes is a bit of attention!

  1. Clean your skin and area near the eyes before applying kajal

Preventing Your Kajal From Smudging


No matter how clean your skin is, it is mandatory to clean your face, especially the area near your eyes before applying kajal. You can also use ice cubes to clean the area. This would remove all the dirt from the area around your eyes and would prevent your kajal from smudging.

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  1. Use face powder to keep the area dry

Once you have cleaned your face, it is very important to use the face powder. Face powder dries your face and balances out your skin tone. Additionally, face powder would also keep the kajal firm and help in not smudging.

All you need to do is dab a bit of face powder near your eyes (make sure that it doesn’t look cakey).

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  1. Start from the outer corners

Preventing Your Kajal From Smudging


Let’s admit it, girls – we all tend to apply the kajal starting from the inner corner of the eye and then move towards the outer corner. This is where we go wrong.

Ideally, it should be the other way round – start from the outer corner while gliding towards the inner corner. This would make sure that there is no excess kajal near the inner corner and hence it won’t smudge.

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  1. Use gel liners to get sorted

Waterproof kajal is a must. However, still, the better option is using a gel liner. Gel liners do not smudge at all and stay on the eyes for a longer period of time. Additionally, applying them is very easy. They glide smoothly and spread evenly.

  1. Ditch the corners of the eyes

Ditch both the extreme corners of the eyes while applying kajal. Applying the kajal on the inner corner ruins it faster as eyes are watery over there. Thus, skip that extreme corner. Also, the outer corner can be skipped too.

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  1. Finish it off with a tissue

Keep this tip checked all the time for preventing your kajal from smudging. Once you have applied the kajal evenly on your eyes, you need to give it a finishing touch by using a tissue. Just take the tissue and dab it slowly on your kajal. The excess kajal would be soaked on the tissue paper and it would help it not to smudge.

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