Privacy Policy

This privacy policy discusses how PeepyPeeps and GreenSpecks Media use and collect the information through websites and other interaction. By continuing to use the services, you acknowledge that you have reviewed this agreement and agree to abide by the terms and conditions mentioned.

1. Usage

1.1 You may use PeepyPeeps’ account on social networking sites and can indulge in liking, commenting and sharing. However, we highly recommend checking and adjusting the privacy settings on the social network as per your requirements.
1.2 You might be asked to create a PeepyPeeps account voluntarily. You might provide us with your personal identification information voluntarily such as your name and email address. We might collect your birthday date, gender, profile picture, friend list and location in order to improve our services.

2. Cookies

2.1 Like various other websites on the web, we might make use of cookies to collect data in order to improve our services. Cookies are the files stored by your web browser on your hard drive.
2.2 Like various other websites, we might collect log data containing the IP address, the browser, browser version, operating system and other info.

Privacy Policy Updates

PeepyPeeps solely own the right to revise Privacy Policy as and when required, without prior notice. By continuing to use our services, you agree to be bound by our latest privacy policy.
This was last updated on 2 May 2016.