Product Free Ways to Look 10 Years Younger You Should Adopt TODAY!

What if we say you can manage to look glowing and youthful, not with the right set of products, but with a daily dose of mindful and natural strategies?

Putting it straight, your brain holds the keys of your youthful glow that you have always craved for. The right proportion of yoga and meditation definitely goes a long way in making you look young. No, only we’re not saying this, but a study conducted by Harvard University in 2013, has shown it too! Mindfulness and meditation work by reducing the number of stress managed chromosomes, which make you look dull and old.

So how do you look younger? Well, you would have to keep reading the article to find out!


1 look younger

No, you don’t need to disturb your daily schedule to practice mindfulness. You can incorporate it fairly well in your daily routine too. Your morning shampoo is one such perfect time you can steal for experiencing the mindfulness. Just observe your activities closely. Start by paying attention to every activity that you do – from holding the shampoo bottle to tilting it, opening its cap, pouring it, noticing the temperature of water and so on.

It would surely be a challenge to live in that particular moment, and thus, for the first timers, if your mind starts wandering – let it be! But slowly and gradually, you’ll master this art. This would slow down your mind, remove the clutter and calm your emotions. And when you are calm from inside, it reflects on your face. The poise and glow that you have always looked for would be no more unreachable.

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2 look younger

You can easily target the goodness of yoga to your face. A few poses which work by tightening your face’s skin tones it and make you look younger.

Start the process by relaxing yourself. Relax your face muscles. Start the process by covering your teeth with lips and make an O shape (the way, you make pout while clicking selfies, pun intended!) and smile as wide as possible without showing your teeth. Repeat this pose around six times.

Rock solid

If you face fine lines on your face, indulge yourself in a hot stone massage. Heat when applied strategically to an area, works by loosening up our muscles and causes our lines to soften. Place a flat stone in water and let the water heat up. Once it is heated, lie down calmly and place the stone between your two brows. Relax and practice mindfulness for the next fifteen minutes. Notice the heat the stone is rendering. Notice how the heat is flowing.

Your face would look younger, calm and smooth, albeit, for a few hours.

Mantra meditation while sleeping

3 look younger

The reason why we look overtired and overstressed and aged overnight is simply because of too much adrenaline levels. Lower your adrenaline levels by sleeping sound. Chant a word or a phrase, either silently or whisperingly. It can be any word or phrase or mantra or your own name, whatever gives you positivity. And practice it 3 to 10 times until you’re asleep.

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Practicing these simple meditation and mindfulness techniques will make you glow. Look into the mirror, and say you’re beautiful. You’re ready to face the day with upbeat energy throughout!

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