Quarantine Edition: What to Do on Your Birthday if You Are Stuck At Home Alone

You could be a ‘home lover’ but if there is one day when you don’t want to be alone at all – it is your birthday.

Having been isolated for more than 20 days now, it definitely feels unreal. If it is your birthday and you are stuck all alone, do not get disheartened.

Here are some little and cute ways to celebrate your birthday all by yourself during this Quarantine.

Bake A Cake For Yourself

Starting with the cliche but don’t you think birthdays are impossible without cakes?

Although mean baking a cake for yourself and cutting it all alone is the last thing that you would want, but just sobbing over this time is not the solution. To make yourself feel good, you can do this.

And believe us, baking a cake is not as difficult as you thought it to be.

Cook Your Most Favorite Meal

Pamper yourself, it is your birthday, after all! Cook something that you like. It could be something as simple as Maggi but it has to be something that you love from your heart.

Arrange A Soothing Bath For Yourself

Post all this cooking, you need a relaxing bath to get ready for your birthday. Prepare a soothing self-pampering bath for yourself. You could indulge in some face packs and face masks therapy as well. Next, have a soothing bath – keep it cozy, and pleasant. Use some candles, good music, and warm water for your bath.

Set A Beautiful Self-Date

This beautiful day calls for a beautiful self-date. Make sure your favorite movie or TV series is playing on your TV or your laptop, your food is prepared in a lavish spread in front of you with some cake, drinks, and candles. Have a good time.

Ditch All The Productive Work For The Day

Leave all the work that you are doing. You could either be working from home or could be on a leave at this time. So, whatever daily work that you are doing, ditch it all and enjoy this day at leisure.

Dress Up In Your Most Favorite Outfit

Dressing up and glamming yourself up would take your mood to the next level.  So, if you have your birthday dress, make sure to dress up in it. If not, take out your most favorite outfit and get glammed up in it. You are going to love yourself for doing this little treat for yourself.

Click Loads Of Pictures


And finally, celebrating a birthday, being dressed up, having arranged for a meal, calls for clicking pictures. You cannot imagine all these things without some good pictures for your Insta stories, Snapchat, for sending it to your family, or just for memory. Do this too!

Only you can keep yourself happy! You got to do this for you.

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