Sassy Captions For Your Next Instagram Post You Got To Try Now!

Tell us a stricter deal than choosing an Instagram caption for your next post. If you are the ‘Gramm-ar’ like me, you know the deal is real. So much goes behind a perfect caption that goes best with that picture. If it’s a sun-kissed selfie, there has to be some sun-related song lyrics, if its a group picture with girl friends, a quote from sex and the city, and if it is a travel picture, there has to be some profound Farhan Akhtar quote.

Yes, the drill is like that. For easing your life a bit for the next few days, we are sharing some sassy captions for your next Instagram post.

Oh yes, we will keep the different situations in the loop too.

For The Selfies – Because Selfies Could Be Overrated But Are BAE!

1. ‘I know looks aren’t everything, but I have them, just in case.’

Self-love taken to the next level, isn’t it?

2. ‘Confidence level – Selfie WITH filter and accepting it without guilt’

Because filters are crazy creative.

3. “I haven’t posted a selfie in a while, but I still am adorable just to keep you updated.”

The world needs to know!

4. ‘Not a Beauty with the Beast but a Beauty and a Beast, all by myself”

I need no king.

5. ‘Too glam but I still give a damn because I am a kind human’

Glam sham but a pure one, man!

FOR YOUR #Ootds Days – Because Your Outfit Deserves All The Mention Of The World.

 1. ‘I woke up like this, and then I changed into my prettiest outfit.’

Now, I look straight out of my dreams.

2. ‘Making them stop and stare is not my kinda drill, I rather prefer, stop and bookmark for later.’

Yeah baby!

3. “You don’t worry about fitting in when you are custom made.” — Drake

You go girl.

4. “If you can’t be better than your competition, just dress better.” — Anna Wintour

Get that right.

5. “If you can’t see anything beautiful in yourself, get a better mirror.” — Kendall Jenner

Mirror mirror, tell the truth!

For Your Group Pictures With Your #Galpals – Because Girlies Are Life.

1. “Who said we are rooting for being hot, we are already iconic”

Gang Bang!

2. “Sexy pictures. Crazy times. Sisters at heart, partners in crime.”

Truth said.

3. ‘You girls are all mine, and I am not sharing you ever.’

Never in this life.

4. “I don’t know what’s tighter, our jeans, or our friendship.”

Jeans be better lose then.

5. “Okay, ladies… Now let’s get in formation.”

You deserve this formation.

For Travel Pics – In Bollywood Style

1. ‘Waqt ko roke aa zara sa ab, usko samjha de ishq ka matlab’ – song – Meherbaan, Bang Bang

When you are having a great time with your special one and do not want this time to end.

2. ‘Le jayeein Jane kahan hawayein, hawayein’ – song – Hawayein, Jab Harry met Sejal

When the actual wanderlust indulges in you.

3. ‘Dhoop teri na pade to dhundhla sa main lagun’ – Tu Hai Ki Nahi, Roy

For those travel pictures where the sun is shining directly on to you.

4. ‘Safar ka hi tha main, safar ka raha’ – safarnama – Jab Harry Met Sejal

If you are a true traveler, this song is for you.

5. ‘Matargashti khuli sadak pe’ – matargashti – Tamaasha

For all the crazy things you do in your travel with your buds in new destinations.

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