21 Daily Life Struggles That Are Too Real For Short Girls

While being petite has its own perks, somewhere down the line, you also have your own struggles. We feel your pain, and to better co-relate, let’s have a quick look on a few short girl problems that you would be able to relate better.

  1. You’re often told by your friends that you’re short

short girl problems


As if you already are not aware of it?

  1. You always prefer to sit in the front seat at the movies

short girl problems


Because if someone taller than you sits in front of you, you surely know that your entire movie experience would get screwed. We all know the movie is not going to be fun when what you can see is just a small portion of the screen!

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  1. It is too difficult to buy jeans

short girl problems


And so you are only left out with a shop or two where you can find the jeans of your length.

  1. Even shopping shirts is a tough job

As they end up looking like a dress on you.

  1. Cooking is tough

short girl problems


Cooking is undoubtedly difficult, even more for you as you continuously need to climb counter tops in order to fetch ingredients and stuff. And so many workouts in a day are tiring, isn’t it?

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  1. When you have to literally run in order to catch up with your tall friends

short girl problems


After all, you have short legs that cover the small distance.

  1. You find yourself hanging when you sit on a chair

short girl problems


As your legs don’t seem to touch the ground!

  1. And you have to stand on your toes to kiss your boyfriend

short girl problems


But that looks awwww so cute.

  1. When you’re being used as an armrest

Not sure if that looks cool or feels comfortable, but you surely hate it!

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  1. Crop tops do not look special on you

As they cover the same length as normal tops do on tall girls!

  1. Taking selfie with your girl gang is a real task

Because you just never seem to fit the frame, and it is so irritating.

  1. You need to jump to put on some makeup

As the mirror is always out of your reach and applying a lipstick on public mirror seems to be impossible.

  1. You don’t want to stand next to your tall friends

As you’ll surely end up looking extra extra short with them!

  1. Your friends consider it as their right to hold things above your head and making you aim for them

short girl problems


As if you are a kid

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  1. You gave up on your dream of becoming a model at a very tender age

While other girls were fantasizing about their future modeling careers, you were almost sure that you can never aim that, all because you’re not that tall.

  1. You’re often treated as a child

Because that’s by default how others have treated you, no matter, even if you are 18+ now.

  1. You’re often advised to wear heels

short girl problems


To which you boldly answer – ‘my life, my rules’

  1. You spend more time standing on your tiptoes

Whether it be a queue in the cafeteria, a road show, a concert or while having a group conversation – your height just doesn’t seem to mingle well with you!

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  1. At times, even your active driving skills are questioned too

When you are questioned if your legs reach the ground?

  1. Even the car’s sun visor is not efficient enough to protect you from sunlight

short girl problems


Because of your height!

  1. Maxi dresses are a big no

As you’ll possibly trip yourself while walking and embarrass yourself.

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